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Final Sneak Peek of Still: Your Best!

Tomorrow, 6/11, is the day! If you've already preordered, you'll have the book by midnight! If you're still trying to decide, here is the final sneak peek. I hope you enjoy it. It's not too late to preorder, so go on and get that! Preorder Link:

When he saw me emerge, he stood and watched me walk to him. I stopped before I could get to him and came out of my heels, then began untying the belt that held my white jumpsuit closed. He licked his lips and followed my every move. Despite me disrobing, my body had heated up tremendously. I needed his touch just as much as I needed air.

As the top of it slid from my shoulders, Shane approached me. It felt like I was barely breathing as he took off his shirt and undershirt. Damn he was so fine. After easing my clothes over my hips, they dropped to the floor, leaving me in my bra and thong, practically sweating. It had to be my nerves that was causing that. I was not nervous about feeling him inside of me though. Shane slid his fingertips down my neck to the skin between my breasts. “Even more beautiful than I remember.”

I glanced down at the erection that rubbed against me and damn if that shit didn’t look bigger, and he hadn’t even taken his pants off yet. He slid his hands to my face and pulled me to his, taking his time to ease his tongue into my mouth. The way he stroked my tongue with his let me know that this nigga was way more experienced now. I’d been his only sexual partner until he cheated in college. Clearly, he’d learned a lot more in those nine years than I had.

When his hands traveled to my bare ass, I flinched slightly when he gripped it. God… Jesus... Holy Ghost! All of them. I was feeling things that were about to catapult me to heaven and he had just started. He fiddled with my bra for a moment, then unfastened it. It fell to the floor, and he pulled back to admire my breasts. After licking his lips, he lowered his head and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I no longer had control of my eyelids. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as they slowly closed. I felt like I’d made my arrival, because I wanted to cum so bad.

I knew Shane would think I was crazy if I came so fast, but I didn’t care. As he slowly slid his tongue around my nipple and began sucking it again, I came and nearly lost my footing. “Ahhh… Shane!”

He gripped my ass, holding me steady as he continued to suck my nipple. Once I’d gotten my bearings again, he released it and slid his tongued down my torso to my middle, then pulled my thong off. He never acknowledged my orgasm. It was like he expected it. His nose landed on my mound, and he slowly inhaled as his hands slid up the back of my legs. He lifted me as he stood and brought me to the bed. “Roshi, I’m gon’ take excellent care of you. I promise. I’ll be everything you been craving, baby.”

I hope so. “No more words. Just show me.”

“You got that shit.”

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