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Let Down Not So Easy...

Here is the first unedited sneak peek from Deeper Than Love. Alexz and Axton were an entire handful! After reading, if you would like to preorder, here's the link!

I could see the sweat glistening on her breasts. If I didn’t wanna lick that shit off, my name wasn’t Axton. I dug into my wings despite the eyes on me. Hopefully, they would move on to the next subject of discussion soon, because I was uncomfortable as hell. Finally looking up, I asked, “Y’all want some wings?”

They all turned me down… except one of them. Alexz reached over and grabbed one off the platter as my eyebrows lifted. “I thought you would never ask. I started to take one while you weren’t paying attention.”

The women all giggled as she moaned while chewing. I continued staring at her, waiting for her to finish her food-gasm. When she looked at me, she asked, “What?”

I slowly shook my head. It was like she was a girlfriend without being one. Before I could start eating again, she reached her hand over and grabbed another one. I huffed and just moved the platter closer to her as I sipped my drink. It was a little watered down now, since it had been sitting here a minute, but I wasn’t about to let it go to waste. I was having a good time though, listening to them chatter. I’d consumed three drinks and I knew that if I had another, I wouldn’t be able to drive back to the hotel. As they talked, “In Dem Guts” came on and Alexz bolted from her seat like it had ejected her.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me from my seat. I let her lead me away from the ladies, and she turned her back to me and began dancing. I took a deep breath and rubbed my hand down my beard as I watched her work her ass. I slid my hand over the bare skin of her waistline, my fingers ending up close to her bellybutton and began grooving with her.

I was far enough away from her to where our moves looked like a cool couple of friends just dancing together. However, she backed into me and lifted her arms. I closed my eyes for a moment, then slid my other arm around her and began grinding into her. She arched her back and rested her head against me then grabbed my dreads.

She was fucking with me and wanted me to bust in her guts like the song implied. My dick was hard as shit and at that moment I didn’t care who said what. I leaned over to her ear and said in a low voice, “You keep pulling my hair like that, you gon’ find me in your guts.”

I could see the goosebumps that appeared on her skin as I licked her ear. That only caused her to grind even harder against my dick. She turned her head to me and asked, “What if that’s where I want you to end up? I would love to pet that dawg.”

“Then we can cut this night short as hell.”

She gave me a one-cheeked smile, then kissed me with those juicy ass lips. My eyes stayed on hers as we swayed to the beat of the song and my arms tightened around her. Something more than thoughts of back shots was happening between us. I wasn’t sure if it only felt that way because I’d been trippin’ all week from my grandmother’s death or if it was the alcohol, but I just wanted to be in her space, even if nothing more happened.

When the song ended, she looked away and cleared her throat. She bit her bottom lip and pulled away from me as if the bubble we were in had burst. I wanted to pull her back to me, but I didn’t want to make a scene. Before she could walk away, I asked, “So what’s up?”

“It’s just the effects of the song and the alcohol. Ain’t nothing happening this way, Axton.”

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Damn!!! All that teasing and nothing...Until I read the book and finds out what or who comes next..


Apr 24, 2022

Oh my that exchange on the dance floor was hot! Can't wait to see what folds!

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Apr 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you sis! 😘

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