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Let Me Vibe In This Shit…

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I wrapped my legs around him as he continued to please me. Turning his head, he began licking my leg, sucking it in various spots before gripping it and lifting it. He went up on his knees and softly kissed behind my knee, sending shock waves through my body. He stayed there for a while, licking and sucking, until I orgasmed once again. My body was spent, and I hadn’t even had his dick stroking my walls yet.

I’d had three orgasms, but I knew even more were in my future. After kissing a trail down my leg to my ankle, he stopped for a moment and stared at my toes. “You have pretty ass feet.”

When he licked my big toe, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. Just from the foreplay alone, I wanted to be his. If he was this thorough every time, I could only imagine what it would be like if he loved me. Damn. I wanted to get used to this. He pulled it into his mouth and began sucking it like he was making love to it, and I swore I was about to squirt on him full force like he was on fire.

“Give it to me, beautiful flower.”

My eyes misted over simply because I knew he took the time to look my name up. The African meaning of Yendi was just that… beautiful flower. It took me no time after that. I squirted the hardest I ever had. “Oh shit!” I yelled.

My screams were uncontained at this point. Jakari had my emotions all over the fucking place. He pulled away from me and pulled the first condom off, setting it on the nightstand, then sheathed himself with the other. When he rejoined me, he turned me over and slid his body on top of mine, kissing my shoulders and back as he rubbed my ass. As his kisses got lower, a shiver went up my spine.

He shifted lower and pushed my ass cheeks up, spreading them, then licked from my vaginal entry to my asshole. He stayed there for a while, licking and kissing it. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure I didn’t know how else to express it. Turning me to my side, he lifted my leg and slowly slid his dick inside of me, pushing the tears right out of me. I knew he would fuck me up, but I wasn’t expecting it to be like this.

He leaned over and softly kissed my cheek and the bridge of my nose where they were falling. “I hope these tears aren’t a bad thing.”

I shook my head as he fed me more of his dick. His shit was so big I nearly felt like a virgin all over again. Apparently, he was used to that. I supposed that was why he was taking things slow. The man was experienced and considerate, not just wanting the best time possible for himself but for me too.

He pushed more inside of me and moaned in my ear. “Yendi, fuck. You have some good pussy, just like I thought you would. Let me vibe in this shit for a while.”

He bit my lobe then sucked it gently and pushed more of his dick inside of me. “Mmmm, good girl.”

My eyelids fluttered, and I came all over him. This thing between us was more than sexual, and he wouldn’t be able to convince me otherwise. Him calling me a good girl was a weakness of mine. He stroked me faster as I continued to orgasm. “You like being called a good girl, beautiful? You got a praise kink? I do too. So tell me what this dick doing to you.”

“I… can barely… form words, Jakari. Oh my God! You feel… so goooood!”

He thrusted into me as my pussy blossomed for him, giving him the space he needed. “Mm. Yeah, baby. You feel good too,” he responded. “I’m balls deep in your shit now. That’s rare that I can do that.”

I turned my head to stare at him only to find that his eyes were closed. I knew that he felt me turn to him, but he refused to open his eyes right away. When he did open them, he turned me to my back and ground his dick into me while staring into my eyes. My tears started falling again, and he gently swiped them away. It felt like he was making love to all my fucking feelings. He lowered his head to my nipples and made love to me for a good ten minutes, making sure every nerve my pussy possessed had been touched. Overwhelmed wasn’t even an accurate enough word to describe what I was feeling.

However, the tender moment was coming to an end as his strokes became more forceful. My moans became louder as I took him, trying to drain him of everything he had to offer. I tightened my muscles around him, putting those Kegel exercises to use. “Jakari, oh my God! I’m about to cum again!”

“Sink this muthafucka then.”


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