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Long Strokes...

It's not too late to preorder! Enjoy the final excerpt of Love Me Senseless before it releases!

As I moaned into his mouth, his other hand found its way between my legs and gripped my pussy like he was trying to snatch it away from my body. That shit hurt so good, I nearly came on myself. Pulling away from him, I quickly took off my t-shirt and unfastened my bra. He licked his lips, then stood from the bar stool and moved our food out of the way. After pulling his shirt over his head, he yanked my leggings off, then roughly picked me up and sat me on the bar top. When he pulled off his sweats, I realized I was right in my assumption. Not a pair of drawers in sight.

I didn’t have time to dwell on that though, because he joined me on top of that damn bar and shoved his dick inside of me. “Oh fuck!” he yelled, practically scaring the shit out of me.

It was the loudest I’d ever heard him be during sex. I wrapped my legs around his waist and lifted my hips as he held his position. After placing soft kisses on my neck and shoulder, he began fucking the shit out of me. I swore if someone had a camera over us, we would look like the scene from the movie Belly when DMX was digging out Taral Hicks. The moment was straight savage mode, and I loved every minute of it.

My nails dug into the skin of his back as I let out pleasurable screams. My orgasm surprised even me, because it appeared so quickly. “Mm. Yeah, Joyy. Coat this dick.”

My orgasm seemed to intensify from his words and my trembles exhibited that intensification. “Oooh shit, Zay! Yes, daddy. Fuck me.”

That only propelled him forward. We were sliding on the damn bar top, because he was hitting me with so much force. His long ass strokes were taking lives from my pussy faster than I could count. When he pulled out of me, he hopped off the bar and yanked me to him like a rag doll. The weight I was slinging around wasn’t shit for a man like Isaiah and that shit made me feel sexier than ever.

I wrapped my legs around him as he lowered me on his anaconda. “Oooh fuck!” I screamed.

It felt like his dick was in my damn throat and had nearly taken my breath away. He bounced me on him mercilessly while I begged for that exact thing. When my back slammed against the wall, I came all over him. It was apparent that my body loved pain with its pleasure, judging by the excitement it excreted. He slowed his assault and looked down at the action. “Got damn. I wish you could see this shit. Fuck!”

After watching for a few more strokes, he resumed the pounding he was giving me like he was making up for sixteen years of lost time. The emotions that filled me were ones I could no longer hold inside. The tears fell down my cheeks without restraint as he backed away some, allowing me to throw my hips at him. “Yeah, fuck yo’ man, baby.”

I didn’t hold back anything as I contracted my muscles, squeezing him tighter, trying to milk his fucking soul. Hearing his grunts and groans was getting me that much closer to orgasming once again. Feeling my clit slide up and down his shaft wasn’t helping. He stepped closer to me and released one of my legs to grab my neck. My movements were restricted, but I was giving him what I could as he kissed me sloppily.

His spit fell from his lips, down my chest and if I could, I would lick that shit up. Pulling me away from the wall, he walked down the hallway to his bedroom while I did my best to keep sliding up and down his shit. He smacked my ass, then lowered me to the dresser and lifted my leg to his shoulder. Once again, he allowed spit to fall from his mouth, but this time it fell right in the midst of the action. His strokes seemed amplified with my leg up this way, but I didn’t mind.

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