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Sneak Peek from Can’t Run From Love, coming 2/12!

I rolled my eyes at Sharee, then made my way downstairs. When I saw Nick walking toward the back door, I felt a chill go down my spine. He stood there and waited for me to disarm the alarm, then we went outside. As I stared out at the pool, Nick grabbed my hand. He led me to the jacuzzi behind the rock enclosure. Whenever they visited when we were young, we would come here for privacy. Most times, I was venting about Serita and he was talking about how much he missed his mama. Tonight would be different.

When I sat on the side of it, I slid my feet in the water, and he did the same. “So, what we need to talk about, Ky?”

“I just want you to know how hard this is for me. I’m scared. I don’t want to lose your friendship if this doesn’t work out.”

“Quit thinking like that. It’s gonna work. Stop preparing for failure and prepare for success.”

My eyebrows lifted slightly as he leaned in and kissed my lips. Pulling me to him, he allowed his hand to travel to my ass and he squeezed. I was so fucking turned on, I knew there was no way we would leave this jacuzzi without me at least feeling him inside of me. Neither of us had to cum, but I had to at least feel what he felt like.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head, then my sports bra and straddled his lap. His eyes widened slightly, then he immediately lowered his mouth to my nipple. I held onto his hair as he gripped my hips, forcing me to grind against his erection. I bit my bottom lip as I flooded my panties. “Oooh, Nick.”

He lifted his head and pulled his shirt over his head as I pulled his dick from his shorts. That shit was leaking, and I needed to taste it so bad, but as I lowered myself into the water, he did the same and sat me on the side. He pulled my shorts and panties off, then slid his fingers between my lower lips. When he brought them to his lips, he closed his eyes and savored my flavor. His moan only made me wetter. “I promise I’ll take care of you when I get a room tomorrow. But my dick needs to feel you.”

He hopped back on the side of the jacuzzi next to me, then pulled me on top of him. As I positioned him at my opening, I trembled with anticipation. I couldn’t believe we were actually doing this. When I slid down his dick, I moaned and let my head drop back. He was completely quiet as he lifted me up and down, fucking my pussy like it belonged to him all along. My eyes widened as I creamed all over him. That happened fast as hell. “Fuck wit’cho boy. I got’chu, girl.”

His pace quickened, so I pulled his hands from my ass and sat all the way on his dick. “Oh my God. Shit.”

Pulling his face to mine, I kissed him deeply as I rolled my hips. His dick was touching my soul and I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the stir it caused. “Ky, fuck! Pull up. I’m about to nut.”

I didn’t know what I was thinking, but I slid my legs around him and let his dick breach my fucking cervix. When I began rolling my hips on him once again, I said, “I can’t stop. Oh God, I can’t stop. I love you, Nick.”

He gripped my ass tightly and roughly grinded me on his dick, then shot off within my depths. As we panted, I rested my forehead against his. He kissed my lips softly, then lifted me from his dick. We got dressed in silence, then stared at one another. Sliding his fingertips over my cheek, he said, “Go get some rest. We have all day tomorrow to talk. I love you, too.”

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