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Target Acquired...

Tomorrow is the day (3/17)! I hope you're ready to read about Jericho and his family in book 12 of the Berotte Family Series, Say You Love Me! Here is the final sneak peek. It's not too late to preorder.

After getting my panties down my legs, he stood there admiring my body. When his eyes met mine, he said, “As much as I love you, I’m about to fuck you up. I hope you can still handle me. I need you to. I haven’t had sex in over a year, and I’m so fucking backed up you gon’ get pregnant… condom or not. So get ready to be a mother, Whitney.”

I nearly creamed at his words as I watched him remove his boxer briefs. My breathing had turned ragged, and I could barely keep my eyes open. My body had begun without him, and I couldn’t help but to pinch my nipples. I moaned in pleasure until I felt Jericho get in bed with me. My eyes opened in time to see him shielding himself and right after he slid right into my paradise.

My back arched as he lowered his head. “Fuck!” he yelled.

There was no fishing around for the fucking entry, nor did he use his hands to guide him there. It was like he remembered exactly how she was positioned when beneath him and that missile acquired its damn target. The tears left my eyes as he just marinated inside of me. He kissed my ear, then whispered, “Say you love me, Whitney.”

“I love you, Jericho. I love you so much, baby.”

He began stroking me, causing my body to go up in flames. Dear God. His body sliding back and forth on top of mine was way too much pleasure at once. I erupted without warning. As my body trembled, he said, “I wanna be the only man to ever take you here again. Mwen renmen ou.”

I loved to hear him tell me he loved me in Haitian Creole. When I began rolling my hips into him, he gripped my hip then slid his hand beneath me, lifting me into him. He lifted his head and stared into my tear-filled eyes and filled me beyond capacity. I moaned loudly as I stared back into his eyes. He stilled for a moment, then lowered his head to kiss my neck.

When he began stroking me again, it was filled with need and thirst for only the waters I could provide. I could no longer meet him stroke for stroke. He grunted quietly as he fucked me like a got damn savage, taking just what he needed from me. While his assault was rough, it was still filled with love, and I could feel every bit of it every time the head of his dick slid across my G-spot on its way to breech my cervix.

“Jericho! Fuck! Please don’t stop!”

He gripped my leg then hooked it with his arm, bringing my knee to my shoulder as I wrapped the other around his waist. His stare was so fucking intense my body began trembling again. Instead of letting me bust in the position we were in, he quickly pulled out of me and dove face first into my paradise. I erupted all over his gorgeous face. I grabbed his head, holding him where I needed him as I grinded against his lips.

Jericho gripped my hips, lightly massaging them and that only caused my orgasm to add an extension. He lifted his head and gently pat my clit as I squirted all over the bed. He entered me again, and I pulled his face to mine and slurped his lips into my mouth. The wetness of his beard against my face only turned me on more.

Pulling away from me slightly, he rolled over, putting me on top of him. He gut checked me twice then I flattened my feet on the bed. The tears poured down my cheeks as I began bouncing on his dick… something I thought I would never feel again. “Yeah, Whitney. Fuck yo’ shit up, baby.”

He extended his hand to my clit and began flicking it back and forth as my pussy digested every inch of him. “Whitney, I’m about to cum.”

It was like that gave me even more energy to put in my best work as I twerked my ass on him as I bounced. He popped the shit out of one cheek then the other as I watched the veins pop out in his neck. “Here it comes, baby. Fók!”

I continued to bounce on him as he came, waiting to see if he would stop me. That muthafucka decided to show me why his name was Jericho. Without God’s control, that nigga refused to crumble. I continued bouncing on his hard dick while he nutted. He gripped my hips, slamming me repeatedly on his dick.

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Mar 16, 2023

And the walls came tumbling down! OMGEEE! 🔥🔥

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Mar 16, 2023
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