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No one gets married with intentions of getting divorced later. Romance author, Janika Turner-Wells, thought once she got married, it would be forever. She couldn’t have been more wrong. After being married to the man she loved for over ten years, enduring every trial for the sake of love and convenience, she finally has enough. Despite how difficult it might be, she’s determined to start over, getting a traditional job for the first time in over eight years. Never fully being independent, even at thirty-two years of age, she motivates herself to believe that she could do it on her own. With her parents’ support, she accomplishes that, but soon, loneliness creeps in. After having been divorced for what she feels is an acceptable amount of time, she begins to hope that love will find her once again.

When she runs into an old classmate, she immediately begins to wonder if he’s the one. There’s no denying that the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts. Not being one to waste time, she lays her cards on the table and hopes that he’s one that knows what he wants as well. Emory Peeples literally sweeps her off her feet and she can’t hide her feelings, no matter how hard she tries. However, when her personal insecurities come to visit, she wonders if she’s as ready for a relationship as she thought she was.

Will her insecurities and determination to do things on her own push him away? Or will he continue to be what she needs, helping her to see what true love is all about?

Deep As It Goes

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