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Serita Jameson-Taylor just has too many irons in the fire. Trying to run a successful non-profit organization for girls, raise five-month-old twins, and take care of her family, has pushed her to her limits. She’s so worried about everyone else, she doesn’t take the time to tend to her own needs. Growing up a ward of the state and having no one to look out for her, Serita has always wished she had a family. Well, Shawn made her wish come true and found her biological family. However, with all the drama going on, she almost wishes they didn’t exist. From one thing to the next, Serita has to come out victorious for the sake of her children, but for how long will she be able to maintain her own sanity?

Shawn Taylor has always been the one to hold everything down. He’s always known exactly what to do in any given situation. However, when tragedy occurs, it leaves Shawn reeling, not knowing how to handle his emotions. He gets caught up in a whirlwind of misfortune and drama, but finds out some interesting details about his family, some of which causes him to dig deeper in the past. A lot of his misguided decisions due to the tragedies in his life has caused emotional pain to everyone around him. Can Shawn pull himself out of the depressive state he’s fallen into before he loses everything, including Serita and his children?

Sweet and Sour (Book 2)

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