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Marcus Wingate has struggled with his identity his entire life. Being kept a secret from his father’s side of the family and not being accepted by his father himself causes him to take less desirable roads to get his attention. After finally being accepted throughout the struggles and disagreements, Marcus still has some things he’s dealing with that he needs to get answers for. However, in the midst of all that, he sees a woman that he knows should be the next notch on his belt. What he didn’t bargain for was that he would be just that for her too.

Being afforded the opportunity to meet and get to know her birth mother is only part of the healing process for Synthia Coles. She is traveling through life broken, seeking validation in places that should be sacred. Her innocence was shattered a long time ago and she still doesn’t know how to handle that. Within her attempt at normalcy, she meets a man that she knows can have her sliding down the slippery slope she was desperately trying to climb, but everything about him is telling her to sexually destroy his hopes and dreams.

Marcus and Synthia seem to be damage and destruction traveling on a combustible road to total devastation. Through all the toxicity, they are drawn to one another in more ways than one. Can they get over themselves and all the issues that plague them to form a lasting relationship? Or is that way too much to expect or even ask for?

What’s It Gonna Be? (Henderson Book 13)

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