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The way she moves keeps me in a trance. Her body calls out to mine without making a sound. It speaks my desires in a language I perfectly understand, and it tells me that it’s mine.

Jamel Dent doesn’t know which way is up once Obsession graces his sights. The hypnosis she puts him under nearly every weekend is one that’s hard for Jamel to shake. However, he doesn’t want to shake it. He wants her to be his. There’s only one problem. He doesn't know her real identity, and she doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her. After five months of fantasizing, hoping she makes a move, he’s ready to call his obsession with Obsession quits until she makes him rethink that decision.

Sandrene Jallow was suddenly thrown into a world of struggle when her dad died tragically. Trying to help her mom financially was tough for her as a teenager. After graduating and searching for the perfect job, she is left hopeless and in despair until she stumbles upon Club Onyx. After becoming acclimated by learning the ropes and establishing her lane, she dominates. Patrons are entranced with her beauty and enthralled by her mystery. Out of the many, she notices one that has seemed to become her number one fan.

If he only knew that I was his number one fan too. The mystery surrounding me wants to engulf him and let him in on the secret. Sandrene can’t breathe the same air as Obsession, and that fact is holding me hostage.

The cards are all in Obsession’s lap. Revealing her true identity as Sandrene Jallow frightens her and constantly makes her overthink. Will she allow Jamel to walk away without knowing the possibilities or will she overcome her fear of being truly seen and give him what he’s been craving?

When You Dance (Berotte Book 8)

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