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8 Seconds to Love

  While Harper and Legend are like night and day, they are attracted to each other like magnets. Despite the baggage and complications of their past lives, they attempt to get to know one another. Will they be able to leave their old lives behind in pursuit of a life together?  

Contains mature themes.

Marry Me Twice

Leaving his home of Freetown, Sierra Leone, to further his education, Haji Abimbola travels to Texas to study chemical engineering. It seemed he could never please his father, but in a quest to prove that he is capable of great things, Haji excels in his field of study. After several major accomplishments and still not having the approval he longs for, he chooses to live life on his terms.

Journeying to the United States, Chinara Nwachucku sets out to make a successful life for herself to help her family back home in Nigeria, but it's taking much longer than she anticipated. Being laid off from her job is the blow that brings her to her knees. As if her life isn't stressful enough, she catches the attention of a man that seems to be the type to only want one thing. While her interest is piqued because Haji is attractive, she feels that he will only be a complication in her life.

Both Haji and Chinara experience trying times and their struggles bring them across one another's paths once again. Haji believes that in order to make it through those struggles, they have to do it together. Will he be able to convince Chinara of this fact, or will it fall on deaf ears?

Contains mature themes.


Until I Met You

Vance Etienne has lived his life on his terms. He enjoyed a fulfilling marriage until the sudden death of his wife scarred him emotionally, but not enough to deter him from being a great person and father. However, things go haywire when his daughter's boyfriend makes the horrible decision to assault her, changing Vance's life forever. He meets a woman that possesses him from the moment their eyes meet.

Jennifer Monroe has literally pulled herself from the slums of her past to become a better woman. Her gained self-confidence becomes evident and she longs for something that she didn't have for most of her marriage to her ex-husband. Love. The night she meets Vance Etienne, the father of a young woman in her life, she knows he's her one. But somehow, she finds herself thinking of the past with her ex-husband more often than she should.

There's no doubt about what Vance and Jennifer feel for one another. Can they let the hurt of the past go to focus on their future? Will their pasts be willing to release them from its grasps to pursue an intentional and all-consuming love?

Contains mature themes.


Stuck on You

Lazarus has a lot of baggage to let go of, and Kiana wants to help him along during the process. But that decision isn’t welcomed by the most important people in her life, causing her to question her actions more than she should. Kiana wonders if love is worth her ignoring her parents’ and sister’s warnings regarding her new relationship, while Lazarus wonders if choosing love is worth the adversity that will come with it. Can Kiana cut ties with her family to choose the ultimate love? Can Lazarus’s ability to love be resurrected and strengthened enough to cause him to become the warrior he once was?

Full Figured 18: Love Won't Let Me Wait

In the latest installment of the Full Figured series, Monica Walters and Treasure Hernandez introduce readers to two full-figured beauties who are as different as night and day. One is a good girl who’s swept off her feet with an unexpected romance. The other is a vivacious diva looking for a sexy adventure.


Love Won’t Let Me Wait by Monica Walters:

Giánni isn’t prepared for what having Ford in her life can lead to, and she’s taken aback by how fast it progresses. Will Ford be able to convince her that he can meet her exactly where she is, or will his aggressive attempts at loving her prove to be too much for her to handle?

Blindsided by Love

Storm and Aspen have a rocky start, because Storm can’t seem to speak intelligently enough to woo Aspen. He realizes that she may be too good for him, but that doesn’t stop his pursuit. Will Storm make the necessary changes to have Aspen all to himself or will Aspen make the necessary adjustments in her life to actually give Storm a chance?

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