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Come Choke on This Dick...

Whew, chile! Isaiah wasn't to be played with. While he was sensitive and loving, he was that nigga! Check out the excerpt and be sure to preorder!

His hands went to my ass, and he caressed it, then suddenly smacked it. I gushed all in my panties as he stared at my chest. “I don’t want you to regret this. I don’t want to make love to you only for you to disappear on me.”

Make love? I wanted to be fucked. To hell with love. I brought my hands to his face and lifted it to where he was staring me in the eyes. “If you fuck me right, I won’t be going anywhere.”

I began rolling my hips against him, sliding up and down his erection as he bit his bottom lip. A slight moan left his lips and his eyes closed for a moment. When he reopened them, he picked me up and sat me next to him. He pulled his shirt over his head then looked at me. “You won’t be able to handle being fucked. That pussy gotta get used to me all over again. I already know you ain’t had a nigga as blessed as me.”

Well damn. He was right, but he didn’t need to know that. I frowned slightly. “What makes you so sure?”

He smirked as he stared down at me. “Would we be here if you had?”

I frowned a little harder. “Since when did you become so cocky?”

“When did you become so forward?”

He picked up his shirt and put it back on, confusing me further. I definitely needed a drink now. When he sat next to me, he pulled my hand in his. “See how that felt awkward to you?” I turned to look at him. I knew what he was getting at. He continued. “That’s how this feels to me. Although I’m extremely turned on, this isn’t the you I know. So maybe we should talk more and get to know one another before going there. I’m not as cocky as I just made you believe, but I’m a lot more confident, and I guess cockier than I used to be.”

I huffed loudly as he smirked. “I’ll take that drink now.”

Here I was thinking I would get the fucking of my life only to be sitting here with the damn counselor. He stood from the couch and left to get me a drink as I rolled my eyes. This had to be a huge mistake. As I sat trying to figure out what happened, my phone rang. Pulling it from my pocket, I saw Seneca’s name. “Hello?”

“Hey. What’chu doing?”

“I’m out. I’m not in bed.” When I saw Isaiah returning with a bottle of water, I added with a softer voice, “Nor am I drinking.”

“Good. But you didn’t answer the question. I asked what’chu doing, not where you at or what’chu not doing.”

“I’m talking to a friend. Why?”

“I’m at your crib. And you were clearly drinking last night. The empty bottle of Hennessy is on the countertop. We gon’ talk when you get back. I’m moving back here. Apparently, you need the guidance.”

“Bye, Seneca.”

I ended the call as Isaiah extended the bottle of water to me. I was ready to leave, but I had nowhere to go. This was bullshit. Seneca was invading my space for God knew how long, and Isaiah was irritating me. I wanted to text Kaysyn so bad, but I didn’t want to inconvenience her. I took the water from him and opened it to guzzle it so I could calm my nerves. When he sat next to me, he said, “Man, cool out. You’re being forced to face your demons and you not liking it. I heard you talking to Seneca.”

I took a deep breath and lowered my head, knowing he’d heard the conversation. They’d never met, but I’d talked about my brother to him often when we were in school. Zay lifted my head and forced me to look at him. “I already knew, Joyy. I could smell the alcohol on you. It’s seeping from your pores. I’m going to be here for you every step of the way. This is my fault. All this shit is my fault.”

“I want to leave. Please take me to meet Kaysyn.”

He slid his hands down his face. “So you want me to fuck you and pretend the issues aren’t still there?”

“I want you here for me on my terms. Remember that shit you said? You said you would do things the way I wanted to do them! You’re already proving you’re a liar!”

He frowned hard then stood and dropped his pants and pulled his shirt off. “Fine. You wanna get fucked? We can start with that hostile ass mouth. Come choke on this shit.”

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