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Disrespect My Body...

Stuck on You is my first release with Urban Books (Urban Renaissance). It's a stand-alone, but definitely one that is dear to my heart. It's such a beautiful love story that I took my time crafting last year. It's coming 1/24/2023, but it's available for preorder on Amazon. This book will also be available in stores, such as Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble! Here are the links for Amazon.

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Enjoy the excerpt!

I brought a piece of blackened fish to my mouth and savored the flavors from it. Cheddar’s always seasoned their dishes well. When I heard a slight chuckle, I looked back up at Lazarus. He was staring at me with a look of amusement on his face. That was much better than him being in the sunken place he was in. “What’s funny?” I asked.

“The way you’re making love to that fish.”

I had to have turned red. My chocolate skin didn’t stand a chance at this heat seeping from my pores. I hadn’t had sex in a while, but just the mention of it had me imagining what it would feel like to have him hovering over me, filling me with joy. I couldn’t maintain my gaze because of where my mind had gone, but I could see that he was still staring at me. It felt like he was pulling my clothes off with his eyes. Dear Lord, keep me near the cross. It was the prayer I’d prayed a multiple number of times concerning Braylon, but it didn’t feel as sincere this time. This man sitting across from me looked like he could be black Jesus with all this wavy hair. I wanted him. There was no doubt about that.

When I looked back up at him, he was eating his food. I chose to change the subject so I could pull my thoughts from the very pits of hell. “So tell me about your mom. You’ve met mine already. I would love to meet yours.”

He smiled slightly. I knew she was important to him. She was the only family he had here since he was an only child. He’d previously told me that all his other family members were in Alabama, so he wasn’t close to any of them. I also knew that he didn’t have any close friends. That had to be lonely as hell. “She’s a mess,” he said then chuckled. “She’s extremely fun to be around. She’s hard on me, but she’s who helped me see that I needed to love myself more. That woman is my number one until another woman moves her back to number two.”

He smiled and I could tell he was thinking about her. “Is she cool with being number two?”

“Yeah. When I was married, she never interfered although I knew she couldn’t stand Jamie. She said she saw right through her, but I wouldn’t listen. Probably would have saved me a lot of heartache had I took heed to her words, but I probably wouldn’t have met you. So regardless of how things turned out, I’m grateful for the journey. It led to you.”

I was a huge softie now. He had me feeling like mush. I pushed my plate to his side of the table and stood to sit next to him. After those words, I just wanted to be close to him. He stood from his seat and allowed me to slide in first. Once he sat next to me, he smiled then lifted my hand for a kiss. However, I had something different on my mind. I leaned in and kissed his lips. God, they’re so soft. As I pulled away, he gently tugged my bottom lip with his. I stared into his eyes and food was the last thing on my mind.

He rested his hand on my thigh then slid it to the inside of it, gripping it. His touch was strong but tender at the same time. It felt like I’d levitated. I almost wanted to lift this dress and let him do as he pleased right here in Cheddar’s. A soft moan left my lips, and his hand inched a little higher, then he slid it back down. “I’m sorry, Kiana. I didn’t mean to cross the line.”

“Lazarus look at me.”

When he turned to me, I bit my bottom lip. His gaze was touching every part of me. This man was so damn sexy. I brought my hand to his cheek and slid my fingers through his beard. “Did I seem uncomfortable?”


“Then you didn’t cross the line. I enjoyed every moment of your touch and the way it makes me feel.”

He leaned in a little closer and asked, “How does it make you feel?”

“Like I’m finally with a man that knows how to treat a woman… that knows how to treat me. You’ve been nothing short of a gentleman tonight, but now I’m giving you the opportunity to be less than a gentleman. You’re free to disrespect my body any way you choose to.”

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Need to read all your books Sis!!!


Jan 23, 2023

I'm excited to see how this one will unfold. Lazarus seems like a keeper. He's respectful and everything! 💗

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Jan 23, 2023
Replying to

I loved them so much! 🥰🥰

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