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Don't Cum Yet...

Here is the final sneak peek from Don't Fight The Feeling, book 7 of the Berotte Family Series! If you haven't preordered, it's not too late. You can do so now. If you plan to read through KU, the book will be available 10/21! Here is the link:

Enjoy the following excerpt!

Once we were inside, DJ wasted no time getting to the point. He picked me up and sat me on the countertop in his kitchen. After going to the sink and washing his hands, he came back to me and slid his fingers right past my panties. “Had I known you was still wearing this shit, I would have been hitting that remote the entire time at Pour,” he mumbled.

“I’m going to always wear it. You know why?”

“Why, baby?”

“Because it’s always a good time to have an orgasm.”

“Nasty ass freak,” he said as he stroked me.

I loved the way he made me feel. His fingers even worked magic. As he stroked me, he rubbed circles on my clit with his thumb. It never took long for me to cum, and I loved every moment of that. It was one of the reasons I could have multiple orgasms. A close runner-up reason was that DJ knew what the fuck he was doing.

I moaned as I began grinding against his fingers. The moment I began hearing my sex noises, I knew my orgasm was about to chase my ass down and tackle me like a linebacker on the football field. “Oh, DJ! Shit!”

“Naw. You not finna cum yet,” he said as he withdrew his fingers and slowly licked them.

I was panting and on the verge of sweating as I watched him pull away from me. He took his shirt off revealing his tatted chest then pulled off his pants, showing off one of his best features. DJ’s dick needed to be idolized for the powerful god that it was. Once he was completely naked, he pulled me from the countertop and began undressing me as well.

The intensity in his stare had me about to cum without him. His eyes never left mine. It was almost as if he wanted me to see what was in them. He never tried to hide from me. Everything about him said that I could trust him, but my past experiences wouldn’t let me. I saw nothing but love in his eyes and honestly, the shit scared the hell out of me. I’d only been divorced for about eight months, and it just seemed too soon to be diving into something so serious. I wasn’t completely over the damn divorce and how Elvis had me on some Betty Wright shit, hanging around after all the pain.

But the way DJ's fingertips stroked my skin as he pulled off my underwear told me that he was the man that would show me undying love and exactly how the love of a man was supposed to feel. He was always tender with me when he destroyed my insides. The man was gifted with the talents that would have me being stupid all over again. That was why I had to protect my heart, because his dick had my body confessing things it never had. She spoke to him so clearly too. I heard her loud and clear whenever I was near him.

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