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Final Sneak Peek for Better the Second Time Around!

Tomorrow, 5/7, is the day! Better the Second Time Around will be available for download on Amazon! Get ready! Here's the final excerpt!

When I felt my drawers being pulled down, I opened my eyes and stared at her to see what she was going to do. She sat on the bed and continued to pull them off. When she bent over, my dick was right in her face. She hesitated for a moment, like she was contemplating doing something with it, then grabbed it and began stroking it.

Suddenly, she bent over and licked the tip, then allowed spit to fall over it. She put her mouth over it and began sucking the head for a little bit, then she scooted back in the bed. “I’m sorry. I… umm… I’ve never performed oral sex.”

That shocked the hell out of me. But then I thought about what her ex-husband was attracted to. That sick muthafucka. When she revealed that to me, I understood why everyone checked on her. I was almost sure that was what her Friday smoke sessions were about with Jasper. The entire revelation had to be hard on her. “It’s okay. We’ll take this slow. Whenever you wanna experiment or try to learn, I’m here.”

She giggled as I grabbed a condom from the dresser and joined her in bed. I pulled her in my arms and held her, allowing her to lay on my shoulder. “This feels nice,” she said as she sighed.

“Yeah, it does.”

After kissing her forehead, I lifted her head by her placing my fingers under her chin to kiss her lips. Her soft lips met mine and there was nothing I’d rather be doing. The fluffiness of them was everything. I sucked her bottom lip and that took her to the next level. While I was trying to take my time with her and be tender, she pulled away from me and said, “Now LaKeith. I need you now.”

I stared into her eyes and it was like I could see the desperation in them… the longing for something she hadn’t had in a long time. I kissed her once again, then tore the condom open and sheathed my erection to handle this demolition. Turning my attention back to her, I kissed her again, then made my way down her neck, eventually getting to her nipple. She was antsy, ready to be filled and fulfilled. I could tell by the way she was squirming.

I wish she would have allowed me to court her first though… take her on dates, out to dinner, maybe dancing and shopping. But whatever she needed, I was here to provide it. In this moment, she needed to feel me. Turning my body, landing on top of hers, I took a moment to relish the feeling of being skin to skin with her. Her trembles turned me on, and I couldn’t help but concede. As I kissed her lips, I grabbed her leg and hooked it in the crook of my arm, then slowly pushed inside of her.

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Yes, girl..Go on and let that man please you and then some!!!


May 06, 2021

I can't wait til Amazon let us be great! Chrissy is in for the ride of her lifetime and I'm ready to ride shotgun! Let's get it❣️😜

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
May 06, 2021
Replying to

Yeeeeessss!!! 😆❤️❤️❤️😘

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