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Final Sneak Peek from Access Denied: Luxury Love

If you've preordered this book, you'll be getting it downloaded to your kindle apps at midnight! If you need more persuading, here is the final sneak peek. It will be available to download on KU 4/9! Enjoy!

I’d had my share of freaks, but a grown-ass woman that was a freak was something new. Regardless of her living with her parents, baby girl had her own. Living with them was her choice. So, I knew I had to take my time, being sure to make sure she was pleased. Being selfish in this moment wouldn’t be the right move. Even a nigga without common sense should be able to comprehend that. Going to my knees, I caressed her ass cheeks as she lifted her head and looked back at me.

Those blue eyes were my weakness the first time I saw her and fuck, if they didn’t pull my lips right to her lower ones. I softly kissed her there, taking the time to glide my tongue over the lips of her pussy. Her taste was exquisite as hell and I knew it had to be a delicacy. The more I indulged, the wetter she got, and my dick was screaming, wanting to be a part of the festivities. I had every intention of licking her entire body, kissing and sucking until I couldn’t take anymore. But seeing her this way had derailed all that shit.

When my lips grabbed ahold of her clit, she sucked in air, then let out a low moan as her body trembled. Then her statement from a while ago came to mind. Pussy poppin’ on a handstand. I wrapped my arms around her waist and stood, bringing her hips with me. She was literally hanging upside down as I continued to assault her senses. But I’d be damned if she didn’t fuck me up. Baby girl reached out to my hips and pulled herself right to my erection and started sucking my dick.

I almost dropped her ass. That was the last thing I expected her to do. The way her lips were sliding on my shit had me losing focus but apparently not enough for her to lose focus as well, because she came all over my lips as she gagged on my dick. I did my best to slurp all the shit up but enjoying what she was doing to me had her juices leaking down my chin and dropping right on my dick for her to taste. If that wasn’t the biggest fucking turn on I’d ever gotten, I didn’t know what was.

Wrapping my arms tightly around her waist, I closed my eyes and began thrusting into her mouth, enjoying how her tongue ring felt on my dick, until I heard her cough. However, the moment I tried to pull back, she pushed me back inside by putting her hands to my ass. My legs were getting weak as hell and I knew I needed to bust quick before she ended up with a major headache. Looking down at her once again, then back at the gorgeous-ass pussy in my face, I released right down her damn throat. “Fuuuuuck!”

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