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Final Sneak Peek from I Wish I Could Be The One

Tomorrow is the day! I hope you're ready to read about Jenahra and Carter. I can't wait to hear your feedback. Enjoy this final sneak peek!

She swallowed hard as she stared at my dick and how he was so ready to get reacquainted.

It was so hard until it was painful. She pushed me to the couch, then straddled me. Moving her thong to the side, she slid down my dick like there was a fire to put out. I believed she was trying to feel me inside of her before she could actually think about what we were doing. I slumped in the couch as I yelled out, “Oh, fuck!”

Her eyes had closed, and she was completely still, taking deep breaths. “It’s just how I remembered it to be, Carter.”

When she began rocking on me, I grabbed her ass, then slapped it, causing her to flinch. As I lifted my hips to fall into her rhythm, she came all over me. When that happened, I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her waist and pull her back with me, then begin pumping her pussy with what now belonged to her. She’d wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. Turning my head to her, I softly kissed her neck as a shiver went through my entire body.

She was so wet it was crazy. I could feel her juices all over my balls. Feeling her body molded into mine was the best feeling in the world. As I kissed her shoulder and gripped her ass, she whispered in my ear. “Yes, Carter. Yeeeess.”

There had to be goosebumps on my skin, because she was giving me all the feels. I sat up and stood with her still in my arms and me still engaged and brought her to the bed. I needed to be able to stare into her eyes, see the emotion and expressions on her face. When I pulled out of her, I pulled her thong off and the watering of my mouth as I stared at her pussy led my face right to it. When I dove in, she immediately gushed. “I haven’t… had this… since you.”

I stopped for a moment and stared at her. That muthafucka wasn’t eating her pussy? That was the very least he could do for all the hell he was putting her through. “Well… if you stick with me, you’ll get this as often as you can handle, baby.”

I slid my tongue over her inner thigh as I kissed my way back to the object of my affection. Taking my time, I slowly sucked on the lips of her pussy. Her legs had already begun trembling. Flattening my tongue, I licked her from her asshole to her clit, then started gently sucking on it. The scream that left her only motivated me to give her as much pleasure as she could handle. Within seconds, she came again. Her body was extremely sensitive, and I supposed it had no choice but be since she’d gone without it so long.

I planned to cater to her sensitivity as long as she allowed me to. As I slurped up the honey dripping from her, I pushed two fingers inside of her, massaging her G-spot. “Carter! Oh shit!”

When I felt how wet she’d gotten, I lifted my head to see her liquids flowing from her. I wanted to assume she was squirting without it actually squirting. Whatever happened, I knew she was extremely turned on. Lowering my face back to the precious jewel in front of me, I moaned against it, letting her know how much I enjoyed pleasing her. Nothing had changed after all this time. If anything, it seemed our sexual chemistry was stronger.

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Yes!!!! Yes!!! This is what I need in my life right now..Yasss!!!

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