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Final Sneak Peek from I Wish I Could Be the One 2

Are you getting an idea of how passionate WJ is? Hopefully you've read part 1, because this baby is coming at midnight if you've preordered already. If you haven't, here's the link.

Enjoy the final sneak peek!

After kissing her inner thighs, I rubbed my nose up her slit. Feeling her shiver only made me go slower. I knew she was anticipating it, wanting to feel my tongue. Her shit was finna be a sacrificial offering to the Lord, because I was finna kill it. The carnal growl I released had surprised even me. It was like I was in hunter mode, and I’d caught my prey. “This shit so fucking juicy, Vee. That’s for me?”

She only moaned softly. I slid my fingers back inside of her, slowly caressing her G-spot as she arched her back. “I asked you a question. You leaking all this shit for me?”

“Yeeeeesss. Don’t let it go to waste, Wesley.”

I lowered my head and slowly sucked the lips of her pussy. Damn, it had been a long time since I’d indulged this way. I hadn’t eaten pussy since I was still married to Sharon. She’d been gone over a year. When I saw Vee’s trigger emerge, I put her out of her misery and licked it, then immediately pulled it between my lips. I sucked it gently and slowly at first, but when I felt her orgasm building, I sucked a little faster as I slowly stroked her with my fingers. “Wesley… oh my God,” she moaned.

Using my other hand, I squeezed her ass, wishing my dick was inside her walls. I released my suction on her clit to suck her entire pussy. Like she’d said, I couldn’t waste all that one hundred percent fruit juice she was giving me. And her taste… damn that shit had me leaking. She had my ass moaning as she grabbed my bald head and scratched the back of it with her nails. Going back to her clit, I began sucking again and could feel her thighs trembling against my ears.

Her back arched once again as she pulled me in deeper, causing me to take a deep breath to make sure she didn’t kill me in this bitch. Because I refused to stop until she came, and even then, I probably wouldn’t stop unless she made me. “WJ! Fuuuuuuck!”

She was extremely comfortable now. She hadn’t called me WJ until now. Not that I minded. She could call me whatever the fuck she wanted to. I’d answer to that shit. Olivia had me wide open and I didn’t mind exorcising my demons all over her fine ass. Her body was definitely sculpted by God himself. Her ass was perfectly round, like she did squats every damn day and her pussy… this shit had to be what it felt like to see God.

Her body began convulsing and I knew she’d reached what she’d been chasing. But when I felt and tasted it on my tongue, I was an immediate addict. Withdrawing my fingers from her, I slid my arms around her and pulled her closer to me and lifted her hips as I continued sucking the fucking life out of her shit. The screams falling from her lips and the scratches from her nails only fueled my fire. “Wesley! Oh God! Wesleeeeeyy!”

I growled into her as I dipped my tongue inside of her. The fleshiness of it excited me and at that moment, I didn’t give a fuck about stitches, lungs… none of that shit. I continued eating her like it would be my last meal as she tried to get away from me. Lifting my head slightly, I said, “Vee… why you tryna get away from me? Let me enjoy this pussy. It’s mine now. So whoever the fuck had this shit before me, tell him he shouldn’t have left leftovers. I’m finna clean the plate.”

I licked from her asshole back to her pussy and began sucking every ounce of juice from her shit, then went to her clit to create another overflow. Glancing up at her, I saw her tweaking her nipples. Stopping for a moment, I said, “Look at me. Watch me take your soul, girl.”

She slowly opened her eyes with a slight frown on her face. It looked like she wanted to send out an SOS, because she knew danger was ahead. I lowered my head but maintained my eye contact as I sucked and swirled my tongue. When she began fucking my face, I was in hog heaven. I could no longer focus on her eyes, I could only focus on the shit she was throwing at me. My face was wet as hell, but I didn’t even give a fuck. “WJ!! I’m cummiiiiing! Shiiiit!”

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