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Final Sneak Peek from Love Long Overdue

Have you preordered yet? What are you waiting for? Here's the final sneak peek in case you need persuading. The link to preorder...

When I pulled away from him, he kissed my neck. “I’m gon’ need for you to start stripping at the door, Jamila. We ain’t making it further than that.”

“Why can’t I start here?” I asked as I pulled my shirt over my head. “You want a rude gyal, right?”

“I want your fine ass to do whatever you feel as long as you end up in all your naked glory, ’cause once that door closes, I don’t want shit in my way,” he responded as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Unfastening my bra, I began tweaking my nipples as I closed my eyes and arched my back. My melons were beyond sensitive. Sliding my hands to my pants, I unbuttoned them, then pulled them over my hips. Going to my knees, I leaned over and unfastened his work pants, then pulled his dick out. That yardie bone was begging for me to touch him. I lowered my head and licked the tip of it, then whispered, “Yeah man.”

“Don’t he look like he been waiting for you, lil baby?”

I allowed spit to fall from my mouth as he leaned his seat back a little and pinched my nipples. He continued to rub my breasts as I stared at him, then he moved his hands inside my underwear. “Well, let me put him out of his misery.”

I leaned over and immediately deep throated him, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the familiarity of the best dick that had graced me with its presence. Thankfully, I was wearing my natural hair. I couldn’t risk ruining an expensive wig or weave. Kyle’s long fingers had found a rhythm as he finger fucked me, and I wanted to voice my satisfaction. I moaned on his dick as I continued to suck him, feeling it swell in my mouth. He was close to nutting and so was I. “Shiiiit,” he hissed.

It had been too long since I felt pleasure from someone other than myself. Apparently, he was feeling the same way. He was curling his fingers just right, and I knew my moment of reckoning was coming soon. As I released his dick, letting the spit fall from my mouth, I said, “Don’t hold back, baby. Give it to me.” My emotions were going haywire as I whispered, “A me fi a tek care a da body deh enuh. Me waan drop inna ur life enuh.”

I knew he didn’t know what I’d said. But I needed to get the words out of me. I’d said, I should be the one taking care of your body. I’d love to be a part of your life. I wanted to be his… badly. I could feel it in my soul, but the fact that I couldn’t be his was eating me alive. I took him back into my mouth as my body shivered, threatening to unleash a liquid offering on his fingers. He began massaging my clit with his thumb and that was it. “Cum with me then, lil baby.”

He didn’t have to reiterate that, because the feeling gradually overtook me. I did everything in my power to continue sucking him, but I wanted to voice my satisfaction in the worst way. My orgasm was so intense, and I knew it was partially because I couldn’t scream like I wanted to. Kyle withdrew his fingers and brought his hand to the base of his dick and said, “I wanna nut on them titties.”

Releasing him from my mouth, I looked around the car, trying to see how this would be feasible. Looking back at him, I asked, “How do you want me?”

“Right where you are, lil baby. Just lean over here ’cause this shit coming right now,” he responded as he began stroking his dick faster.

I did as he requested, ready to feel his seeds drizzle across my breasts. This had only heightened my desire even more. I needed to feel him inside of me ASAP. I was on birth control, and I could only hope that he would be comfortable with dipping inside of me raw. I had test results in my bag to prove I was clean. I’d gotten tested a couple of months ago. While I fantasized about feeling his raw dick, he released all over my breasts.

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