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Final Sneak Peek from Who Can I Run To

Here's the final sneak peek. If you've preordered already, you should have this book in your kindle app by midnight! If you haven't preordered, there's still time. Click here:

However, I appreciate my KU readers as well! So, for y'all, this release should be available on Amazon by 7:00 a.m. on the 10th!

Enjoy this final excerpt!

When we got to the bed, I went to my knees and placed kisses on her stomach and hips as I slid my fingers in her bottoms. As I pulled them over her hips, she grabbed my hair and moaned out, “Orion… your touch is everything.”

I stared at her body as I slid her underwear off. “You are everything.”

Once she stepped out of them, she crawled in the bed, and I was right behind her. I didn’t want to be separated from her for even a short moment. When she laid back, I covered her body with mine and stared into her eyes. The passion I saw there was making me weak with desire, and all the blood in my body seemed to be draining to one central location. It felt like that muthafucka was about to explode.

But I held my position, feeling the intensity between us. The anticipation was mounting, and I could feel the temperature rising. “I need to know something before I go any further, baby.”

“What’s that?” she asked softly.

“I didn’t bring any condoms. I never expected—”

“I got it covered. No worries.”

I bit my bottom lip then eased my way to the main attraction. I wasn’t even trying to look at her pussy if I wasn’t going to be able to experience it due to that technicality. There was no point in going any further than we’d already gone. But now, I was at the point of no return. She was so fucking wet. Bringing my mouth closer to her, I whispered against her clit, “Hey, beautiful.”

Gently pulling it between my lips, I started a slow rhythm, savoring her taste like it was the finest wine. Chantrice was going to be my latest addiction, and I couldn’t wait to be a fiend. Choosing to prolong her orgasm, I released her clit and began sucking her pussy in various places, being sure to taste all of her. When I reached her opening, I slowly licked what had accumulated there, then slid my fingers inside. “Oriiion… mmm.”

Her voice only made me crave her more. Going back to her clit, I swirled my tongue around it, teasing her as I stroked her g-spot, then began a slow rhythm once again. I wrapped my arm around her thigh, doing my best to hold her in place as she squirmed. She grabbed a handful of my hair as I felt her thighs trembling against my ears. “This that good shit, baby,” I whispered against her.

Her orgasm was near, and I couldn’t wait to feel her juices coat my beard… moisturizing that shit like never before. She tightened her grip on my hair and her legs started to squeeze me. I only had a little air in me left, so I killed the teasing and went in for the kill. Massaging her g-spot as I applied more suction got her their instantly. “Orion! Fuuuuck!”

As she eased her legs some, I took a deep breath and continued pleasuring her until she’d reached the end of her climax. I kissed her inner thighs, then withdrew my fingers and brought them to her lips. She pulled them into her mouth and sucked them slowly, making my dick jump in excitement. I slid my raw dick up her slit. I needed to feel her juices. Trust wasn’t something I gave out freely, but Chan had it. I didn’t understand why I trusted her so much, but I did. So I knew she was clean.

I wanted to push inside of her so badly. Every time I passed my dick over her entry, she juiced a lil bit for me. That shit was gonna take me down quickly, but it was like I couldn’t stop. Finally easing away from me, Chan went to her knees and got a condom from her nightstand drawer. I held my hand out, but she slowly shook her head as she went on all fours in front of me. After briefly closing my eyes, her warm mouth covered me, causing my entire body to shiver.

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Ooooohhh..Another good one...It's a good thing I am off from work today because I can get a little reading done before continuing to prepare to move..

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