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Final Sneak Peek of Can't Run From Love, coming 2/12!

However, we wouldn’t have to imagine much longer. When she got to me, I sat back on the couch and pulled her between my legs. Gently kissing her stomach, I slid my hands to her ass and squeezed, then lifted her leg to the couch. “Can I taste you, baby?”

“Please do, Nick. Pleeaaasse.”

Her whine propelled me into the unknown. I pulled her to the couch, then went to my knees between her legs. When I spread them wide, I pulled her toward me, then lowered my face to her love. She began squirming as I looked up at her. I was nervous suddenly and afraid that I wouldn’t please her. Closing my eyes, I licked her… flattening my tongue to let her taste touch my taste buds. Once my palate was acclimated to her taste, I really began to enjoy it. I had to be doing something right because Kyla was squirming and cursing. When I sucked her clit, I could feel her legs trembling against my ears.

I hummed against it, savoring her taste, and Kyla grabbed my head pulling me deeper into her as she screamed. “Nicholas! Oh my God!”

I could barely breathe, but I refused to stop indulging in the taste I knew I would never get enough of. When she released my head, I lifted it and kissed her inner thighs, then looked up at her as she panted. At this moment, I was glad that I hadn’t given this experience to anyone else. So, in a way, Kyla had popped my oral cherry. I’d had my dick sucked plenty of times, but I warned them ahead of time that I wouldn’t be returning the favor. Surprisingly, they were okay with that.

Looking down at the juices leaking from her, I indulged once again, feeling her saturate my beard. It needed to be conditioned anyway. But when I lifted my head slightly and saw the creamy goodness excreting, I had to see what that be like. As I indulged, I rubbed her clit in circles with my thumb. “Niiiick… you gon’ make me cum again.”

“That’s the plan. Let it go,” I replied, taking a short break.

I closed my eyes and began flicking her clit back and forth as quickly as I could, and she released again. I couldn’t take anymore foreplay. I didn’t care about her sucking my dick. Standing to my feet, I entered her. She gasped as I pushed in balls deep. Giving her time to adjust, I held my position… marinating my dick in her sauce. When the tear slid from her eye, she brought her hands to her titties and tweaked her pretty-ass nipples. That was my green light.

I slowly pulled out of her only to go right back inside. She was so fucking tight and wet. I lined my dick up with her entry and repeated the process. After a few times of doing that, I began making love to her, doing my best to be everything she wanted. Leaning over to her, I kissed her lips, then gave her my tongue, letting her taste my latest addiction. Sliding my hand beneath her, I lifted her to me, exploring her paradise in search of the waterfall. Gently biting her bottom lip, I couldn’t help but growl. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Nick,” she said as she relinquished her liquid offering on my dick.

Feeling her walls around my raw dick was off the charts and I knew after the first time, I would probably never use a condom. I supposed it was the privileged side of me that didn’t care if she got pregnant. Our parents were both set for ten lifetimes. Neither of us had to work, but it was the drive they instilled in us to be great that made us go out there and get it… creating a legacy to pass down to our children.

As I felt my nut rising to the surface, I pulled out of Kyla, fully prepared to shoot my seeds on her stomach. That all changed when she quickly sat up and caught my shit in her mouth. Oh, she was nasty, nasty. When she sucked my nut out of me, my fucking toes cramped up. “Kyla, fuck!”

After sucking me dry, she released it, then stared up at me. Standing to my feet, I pulled her up with me and led her to my bedroom. We were just getting started. She had years to make up for, and I was beyond willing to be quarantined to this guesthouse for the next few days to let her do her so.

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3 commentaires

Yasss!!!! Get it Monica!!!


Lizzy Clark
Lizzy Clark
08 févr. 2021

Shiiddd Monica! My baby out here catching nut, letting lil Nick take her down🤦🏽‍♀️. On one hand I'm like yaaasss😜, but on the other hand I'm still like "I wasn't ready"😭🤣🤣🤣! This book is gonna be off the chain🙌🏽!


Jennifer Copeland
Jennifer Copeland
08 févr. 2021

I can't wait!

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