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Final Sneak Peek of Let Me Ride!

Let Me Ride will be available 3/11! I hope you're ready to go on this wild ride with this cougar and country mechanic! LOL But here's the final sneak peek to hold you over until then. Enjoy!

Sliding my hand to his head, I pushed his cap off and scratched his scalp and he groaned slightly. Indi what are you doing? My conscience had decided to wake up and join the party. She should have woken her ass up a long time ago… like when I was getting dressed before he got here. I sat on the bed as I watched him drop his shorts, then pull off his drawers. That long licorice stick that bounced out of them made my mouth water. I stood and pulled my leggings off, being sure to turn my back to him when I did.

“Fuck,” he mumbled.

Once I stood back up, I saw him digging in the pocket of his shorts. When he dropped them back to the floor, he had a condom in his hand. I crawled in the bed, being sure to toot my ass up. I felt like a fucking hoe, but oh well. I needed some dick and if the shit wasn’t good, this would be his first and last time tapping into living waters. It had been years since I’d gone longer than two months without it and I was fiending like a crackhead for the pipe.

I glanced back at him to see him strapping up, then laid my head on the bed, giving him the devilish arch that all men loved. Expecting to feel his dick enter me at any moment, imagine my surprise when I felt his tongue instead. My pussy twitched in excitement, ready to saturate his face with its gratitude. “Oooohh,” I moaned.

“Mmm-hmm,” he moaned as his tongue made love to my pussy.

His hands caressed my ass, then slapped my cheeks as he continued eating me out from the back. However, he upped the ante when his tongue licked my asshole. He was a nasty muthafucka and I loved every minute of it because I was a nasty muthafucka, too. He slapped my ass cheeks, then pushed his fucking anaconda in my pussy. She immediately thanked him by spitting at him. “Oh, shit!” he said, as if just how good it felt caught him off-guard.

Who in the fuck had he been dealing with? I offered that premium shit. I knew my body and took amazing care of it. It had to be ready to perform at the drop of a dime. And with me getting older, it required the special attention that I made sure it got. As he slowly fucked me, he groaned. “Damn, you got some good-ass pussy.”

I didn’t respond verbally. There was no response needed. Grinding my hips in slow circles as he loved my shit was threatening to bring me to ecstasy once again. His strokes were fucking me up and I was happy that I was on some hoe-shit, today. This was premium dick that I would have missed out on had I been acting all bougie and shit. I was known to walk with my nose in the air sometimes, but I had a feeling that he would have fucked that attitude right out of me. I’d save that for another day.

Pushing me to my side, Aston straddled my leg and pushed his dick into my depths, taking my breath away. He leaned over me and turned my head to him and kissed my lips. There was a tenderness about his fucking that pulled me in. I moaned into his mouth as I listened to my pussy glorify everything about his dick. She was offering him praise and worship and every time he plunged inside, she gave God the glory.

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Yasss!!!! Get in!! I'm here for all of it!!!


Mar 10, 2021

I cannot wait to read this one!! Whew

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