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Final Sneak Peek of Put That on Everything

I am so excited for y'all to get this book tomorrow! Out of all the male Henderson characters, so far Jasper is my favorite. I know most of you love Storm, but Jasper... whew chile. He's passionate, gangsta when he needs to be, protective, and caring. Not to mention he's a fool and will live in the clouds forever. LOL Enjoy this final sneak peek from his wife, Chasity.

However, these spontaneous sex sessions were the best, and I was starting to believe that the family knew exactly what was going on when we would disappear for a few minutes. “Ahh, fuck!” Jasper yelled out as he thrusted into me, spilling his joy all over my cervix.

Sliding his hand from my mouth, my pants of satisfaction were set free. When he slid out of me, he shivered and so did I. “Damn, baby. I need some more of that.”

“You know I’ll be glad to stroke your fine ass until you pass out. Let’s get cleaned up and go check on our people.”

I kissed his lips, and we went to the bathroom. It was more of a toilet room. It only contained a toilet and a sink with a small cabinet above the toilet for linens. After wetting a towel, Jasper insisted on him being the one to wipe my pussy clean. When he did, he leaned over and kissed me passionately while slow stroking my clit with that towel. “Mmm, baby… shit.”

My legs began trembling and somehow Jasper’s dick ended up stroking my insides once again. He’d hiked one of my legs up, and I was practically sitting on the sink. I didn’t give a fuck at this moment, because Jasper’s dick was everything. We could rarely turn one another down, no matter where we were. “Oh fuck, Chas!”

He stroked me hard and fast as I came. My pussy was so wet, it was ridiculous. The noises it made as he lifted my leg higher had me on the verge of cumming again. He slowed his pace for a second and looked down at the action below. “I wish you could see this beautiful shit.”

My titties were way too big to see shit. “Record it, baby.”

Jasper had so many of our sex videos on his phone. We could probably start our own porn show. He pulled his phone from his pocket and began recording. I began making more noises because we both seemed to like hearing it on the recording. “Fuck your pussy, baby,” I said softy.

“Yeeaaahh… this my shit.”

After recording for a minute or two, he put the phone down and took possession of me like only he could do. However, I could feel the sink having a hard time being able to handle our action. “Jasper… the sink.”

“Fuck that sink. Shit!”

When he went in for his final thrust, that sink nearly dropped my ass on the floor.

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Well damn!!! Get it y'all..


Only Jasper and Chas for the win!!

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Sep 23, 2021
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