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First-Class Flight to Dubai...

The first unedited sneak peek of Don't Walk Away is here! LOL! These two gave me a run for my money, not to mention Storm's foolishness. This is book 17 of the Henderson Family Saga! Who knew this would go this far?? Not me, for sure. LOL! Don't Walk Away will be available for download 9/29, but it is available for preorder now. Here is the link!

Enjoy the excerpt!

He brought his hand to my cheek and gently stroked it with his thumb then turned around and unlocked the door. His tenderness had me so in my feelings I didn’t know what to do at this point. Exposing my emotions was a no-no. It was something I hadn’t done in years, but he was pulling the shit out of me. That scared me half to death.

When he opened the door, I walked in past him and went straight to the guestroom I was in earlier. After taking deep breaths, I turned toward the door to see him standing there watching me. He stood there in silence for a moment, then as if he were a mind reader, he said, “What are you scared of, man? It feels like you running from me. Let me know if I’m wasting my time, ’cause that’s shit I can’t get back.”

I lowered my head and closed my eyes, doing my best to keep the tears at bay. I couldn’t even respond to him. The minute I would open my mouth, the tears would fall like a running faucet. I could feel it. When I felt his hand under my chin, lifting my head, I backed away. “Tyeis, what’s up, baby? You flipped the script on me when we got here. What’s on your mind?”

Lifting my head, I stared at him and decided to respond. “I’m afraid of being hurt. This level of tenderness scares me.”

“So you’d rather me throw you against the wall and fuck you ’til you can’t take it anymore? I mean, I can do that too without an issue. I just thought you needed tenderness right now since you were drained. I can be whatever you need me to be. Real shit.”


He frowned as he stared at me. I couldn’t focus on his gaze. I looked away and could see him tilt his head to the side like he was trying to figure me out. “Because I’m trying to get to know you and prove that you can trust me to have your best interest at heart. That’s what people normally do when they tryna establish something meaningful.”

“I mean… why me though?”

His facial expression softened some. The frown was gone and replaced with a look of concern. His eyebrows were lifted and scrunched together. “’Cause you fiesty as hell and got a slick mouth… literally and figuratively. I like that shit. Not to mention, you’re beautiful, girl. Fly as shit.” He stepped in my space and brought his hand between my legs, gripping my pussy like it belonged to him. “And this shit right here? Like a first-class flight to Dubai, baby.”

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