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First Sneak Peek from Love On Replay

I know you've been waiting for this peek into the story! Here it is! It's coming 4/8, but it is available for preorder.

Preordering assures you won't forget about release day. When the 8th arrives, it will automatically download to your kindle app! Most times at midnight. Enjoy the excerpt!

Glancing at him again, I noticed he was staring at the TV. It didn’t really seem like he was watching it. I nervously slid my hand over his. This wasn’t my scene. I didn’t really like going out. When he glanced at me, I knew that somehow, he knew what I was thinking.

He got the bartender’s attention and paid for our drinks. “This ain’t my scene either,” he said. “I just didn’t know how comfortable you would be with me alone in one of our houses.”

“Our sons are friends. I doubt that either of us could get away with much.”

He smiled slightly. “Chad had the nerve to try to tell me how to behave on a date.”

I chuckled. “DJ did the same when I called to let him know that I was going out. He thinks he’s my parent now.”

“Same with my five.” He slowly shook his head, then threw his drink back. “Whenever you’re ready, so am I.”

I did the same to my margarita but just as I was about to stand, these people had the nerve to play “The One” by Cee-Lo. That used to be my jam! That was the whole vibe for 2004 for me. When I remained seated and started vibing, putting my finger in the air because I was the one, I could see the look of amusement on Sheldon’s face. “I’m sorry, but this is my song.”

Before long, I’d forgotten anyone was there and stood from my seat to dance. When I looked up, there were a couple of women that had joined me. Apparently, the person in control of the music was happy that we were enjoying ourselves, because he put on another jam by Anthony Hamilton and Lil Jon. When I saw Sheldon laugh, I knew that he was enjoying himself. The man didn’t smile for nothing.

Making my way to him, I pulled him from his seat and began dancing again. Surprisingly, he spun me around and wrapped his arms around my waist. We swayed to the beat of the music. Feeling him that close to me felt amazing. He didn’t strike me as the type to really dance, but I supposed I was wrong. When I heard him sing along with Anthony Hamilton, Alright, I’m ready, I was in shock. However, it seemed he was saying that directly to me.

His embrace got a little tighter and as we grooved, I couldn’t help but to close my eyes. I inhaled his scent and relaxed in what I was feeling. This was foreign to me, and I was happy to feel again. Until now, it was like I’d been numb all these years to these types of feelings. I just felt good. As the song ended, I turned to him. Childish Gambino was next. I liked “Redbone”, but it wasn’t a song I needed to dance to. Sheldon felt differently.

He pulled me back to him as he stared in my eyes. This was intense. I slid my hands up his chest to his shoulders and when I looked back up at him, he gently kissed my lips. My body practically melted, threatening to leak through the cracks in the wooden floor to the first level.

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