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First Sneak Peek from Someone Like You

This story was so fun to write! It's the first second generation Henderson story! If you've kept up with the Henderson family, then you know that Nesha is WJ's oldest daughter. She first appears as a sub character in Found Love in a Rider. That's where you get to know more about her. She doesn't really appear as a sub character again until I Wish I Could Be the One 2. So I'm excited for you to really get to know Nesha Henderson and your introduction to Lennox. Enjoy the unedited sneak peek. The book is coming on March 3rd!

Church had started and I wasn’t paying the least bit of attention, because my thoughts were in Satan’s hands. He was molding and shaping them like he was making pottery. However, the singing brought my attention where it should have been. That wasn’t a good thing though. This woman sounded horrible.

Uncle Jasper peeked over at Uncle Storm, and I could see his face was completely red, probably from trying to hold in his laughter. I could literally play connect the dots with his freckles. They were extremely pronounced. I did my best not to look at Uncle Storm, because I just knew his face wouldn’t hide his exact thoughts.

When I saw Aunt Aspen grab his hand and squeeze it, I knew it had to be bad. “Y’all don’t hear this shit? All the cats are lined up outside screaming with her.”

“Shhh!” my grandmother said as she turned around and frowned at him.

I couldn’t believe he’d just cursed that loud in church. Uncle Marcus was laughing quietly as Syn nudged him, and Aunt Tiffany put up the Baptist finger and walked out. There was never a dull moment in this family. We just needed to christen Remington Henderson and get out of here before the Lord struck the church with lightening.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the baby woke up and began crying… no, screaming. He was four months old and addicted to the drip. He was always on the breast. It didn’t make sense just how bad his lil ass was already. My head was pounding, and I just wanted this day to be over. They tried giving him a bottle, and he refused it. Aunt Aspen literally had to pull her titty out in church to hush this baby up. Uncle Storm quickly draped a thin blanket over the baby.

“Y’all ain’t finna get a free peek at what I got.”

I rolled my eyes as Rev. Coleman came to the podium. He had to be sick of us already. When that woman sat down, we thought we were off the hook, but the choir cranked the song up again. When she got up to head to the microphone again, Uncle Kenny said, “Aww hell naw.”

Grandma spun around in her seat like she was the exorcist. Uncle Storm frowned and said, “If Kenny said something, I know I ain’t exaggerating. This shit is ridiculous.”

I lowered my head and prayed that they would just stop before we got put out of church. Aunt Jenahra even looked disgusted. If she was frowning, then I knew the singing was terrible. She was the only one that actually frequented church. We all went, just not as often as she did. Uncle Marcus was catholic, so he went to the church in China.

When the music stopped, Uncle Jasper mouthed, “Thank you, Jesus.”

The nigga was loud as hell, but people in the congregation thought he was worshipping God. Several people said amen. I couldn’t take much more of this foolery before I burst into laughter.

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