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First unedited sneak peek from You're Always on My Mind

Here is the first sneak peek from You're Always On My Mind. This book is a spin-off from Who Can I Run To and it's available for preorder!


Lying on my back as Kenneth watched me, I eased my pants over my hips, taking my bikini-styled underwear with them. He stood from the bed and undressed and as I looked over his body, I swallowed hard. That powerful tool that hung freely in front of him was the center of attraction. Good Lord. It was like God’s glory was all over that thing… rays of light emitting from it and everything. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I allowed my pants and underwear to slide to the floor as Kenneth walked to the foot of the bed. He stood there just staring at me. Just before I could tense up, he said, “Scoot back to the head of the bed, Audrey. Prop your head against the headboard.”

I did as he asked, feeling a little tense and nervous as to why he asked me to do this. He walked to the side of the bed and knelt in it, his dick within my grasp. As I stared at it, I felt him pulling my bun loose, my hair falling to my shoulders. He combed his fingers through it as I grabbed his dick. I couldn’t help it. It was so beautiful… thick, black, veiny, and smooth looking. I’d never seen one that looked so damn delicious. Gawd.

Gently removing my hand, he stood from the bed and grabbed his phone. I really tensed up and began biting my bottom lip. When he got to the foot of the bed once again, he asked, “You trust me, Audrey?”


He nodded. “Then relax.”

He took a picture… no flash. I wasn’t sure how it would come out in the dark, but maybe he was making art. There was light shining through his window from a streetlight, so maybe he was using that. He was a tattoo artist, so I knew photography couldn’t be far from his reach. After licking his lips and allowing a soft moan to leave his lips, he turned on a lamp in the corner of the room and made his way back to his previous position.

He started some soft music on his phone, and I immediately recognized it as “Been on My Mind” by Robert Glasper and Terrace Martin. That pink album cover had been in the background of my life. It relaxed me and he knew that. Kenneth’s eyes met mine, and I couldn’t help but relax as he’d said to do. “Put your feet flat on the bad and spread your legs.”

The authoritativeness in his tone turned me on and apparently, he noticed. When I spread my legs, I lowered my head and stared up at him. He snapped a picture, then looked at it and bit his bottom lip. “Fuuuck. You so sexy, baby.”

His words only further turned me on and made me feel feminine as hell. I brought my hand to my hair and tilted my head back, closing my eyes as I slid my fingers through it. When I reopened them, Kenneth was just staring at me, stroking his dick. He’d sat his phone down because it was no longer in his hand. Joining me in bed, he eased between my legs. This moment seemed so unreal. I’d imagined it so many times, but I never thought we would get here any time soon. “I can’t wait to show you how this pussy leaking for me.”

My clit was tingling at his words as he lowered his face between my legs. The moment his tongue touched me I closed my eyes. He squeezed my legs slightly, then said, “Watch me, Audrey. Fuck, you taste good.”

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Monica, Girl!!! You be getting it in with these books!!!

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