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First Unedited Sneak Peek of Beautiful Mistake

Here is the first sneak peek of Beautiful Mistake. If you are a member of my Facebook group, Monica's Romantic Sweet Spot, this will look familiar to you. This book is available for preorder and will give you a whole headache. LOL It gave me several as I was writing. Nevertheless, something beautiful will come out of all the chaos. It will be available for download on 1/4, but you can purchase it now. Here's the link:

My eyes opened slowly, and as I looked around, I realized I was in the bed. I had to have dreamed what happened. I sat up quickly, scanning the room. There was no way in hell that Kai was alive. Quickly standing from the bed, I looked out of the window to see it was still nighttime. I grabbed ahold of my hair and pulled it, doing my best not to scream. However, when the toilet flushed, I knew that I wasn’t dreaming.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, I stood frozen in place. We stared at one another for what had to be five minutes. Then suddenly every demon that had ever inhabited me in life all embodied me at once, and I lunged right at him. I slapped the fuck out of him. “You muthafucka!”

He grabbed my arms and restrained me. “Sonya, please. I left to protect you and me. People were wanting to kill me. Simply moving wouldn’t have solved the problem. I need you to understand.”

“No! Fuck you! You don’t know all the shit I went through! I tried to kill myself! All to leave this earth with a man that faked his death? Fuck you!!”

He released me as he stared at me with tears in his eyes. I slit my fucking wrists while he was God knows where, chilling like ain’t shit happened. “Sonya, you tried to kill yourself?”

“Right after your fake ass funeral, nigga. I was hurt for a long ass time… still occasionally thinking about your ass, wondering where my life would be had we gotten married. I went through years of mental unstableness, thinking no one else could love me like you! And here you are…alive! Fucking bitches and living the life like I never existed. But now that I’m doing well, you want to fuck me up again. Huh? Answer me!”

I grabbed my head as I spun in a circle, wondering if I was dreaming or if this nightmare was truly reality. When I felt his presence, I knew that it was indeed real. I’d really seen him on the beach. I wasn’t hallucinating, but I felt like I was losing my mind. Kai’s arms slid around me, enveloping me in what felt like love… the love he gave me the days before he was killed. Before he sold me a fucking wolf ticket.

“Sonya, I have never stopped loving you. I haven’t had a girlfriend since you. I lived in England for ten years, but I’ve been in Kountze for the past seven years. I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to reveal myself to you, but I needed you to know.”

His voice in my ear was something I’d been wishing I could hear again for seventeen years. That muthafucka took that from me. He took his love away and left me to pick up the pieces of my life alone… with Shawn. “Who else knows?”

His breath against my neck was driving me insane and I knew I had to get away from him. “Nobody, Sonya. Just you.”

“You’re a fucking liar. You didn’t do all that shit by yourself. I know for sure that fucking funeral director knew and that doctor in the ER. Did Shawn know?”


I spun around as memories flooded my mind. All the shit that went on after he died. The tears fell down my cheeks as sadness and anger continued to seep from my pores. “You put him in charge of all your shit before you supposedly died. You telling me he didn’t know shit?”

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