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Give it to me NOW!

This is the final sneak peek from Love On Replay! It downloads tonight at midnight if you preordered. If you haven't, there's still time to do so.

If you aren't preordering, the book will be available tomorrow, most likely around six a.m. CST. Get ready for a beautiful story between two people whose hearts are ready and craving love.

Pulling away from Anissa, I stared into her eyes as I unbuttoned her jean capri pants. When I felt her tremble, I quickly laid my lips on hers, doing my best to relax her body to receive me. I didn’t even know if we would make it to the shower before I had my first taste of her. Sliding my hands in her waist band and around to her ass, I gripped it while letting out a slight moan. God, it had been so long. The only thing that was keeping me sane was knowing that it had been a long time for her too.

Backing up slightly, I pulled her pants off, and she stepped out of her sandals as well. I grabbed her hand as I stood back up and slowly spun her around, getting a glimpse of her in all her glory. Her ass had swallowed the thong she wore, and I could imagine how soaked the crotch of them were.

When she was facing me again, I went to my knees and kissed her stomach. Her light complexioned skin had a red hue, and I knew it was because of what I was doing to her. I wanted her to experience a high like no other so whatever I had to do to assure that, I would do. After placing kisses in various places, I pulled her thong from her hips down her legs. I kissed her mound but that was only teasing myself. I wanted the whole damn pie. Just the thought of having her cream on my lips and tongue had my mouth watering.

While I was on my knees, I pulled my shorts and drawers off, stretching them over my dick. My shit was becoming painful, and I knew I would have to put him out of his misery soon. Once I stood back up, my shorts and drawers dropped to my feet and Anissa immediately grabbed my dick. I almost nutted just from her touch. I had to close my eyes and bite my bottom lip as I regained control.

She began stroking him, and I almost couldn’t take the shit. I grabbed her by her neck, watching her head drop back. Her moans were only fueling my fire. I stooped slightly and picked her up. “Wrap your legs around me, Nissa.”

I descended upon her nipple and gently grazed it with my teeth as I sucked it into my mouth. She held on to me tightly as I walked to the bed, ready to slide into her paradise. The heat coming from her was doing nothing to stifle my desire. My dick was leaking and throbbing with anticipation… drooling at the fact that her pussy was so close, and he still wasn’t inside of her.

When I got to the bed, I laid her on it then slid on top of her. I continued my assault on her nipples as she held my head in her hands, being sure to give them an equal amount of attention. “Sheldon, please. Oooh. I need you now.”

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Yesss!!!! Get it!!!


07 באפר׳ 2022

Ooouuwwweee man! Looka here! Imma need me a Sheldon here n a minute! Shit now 😜

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
07 באפר׳ 2022
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