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Give Me A Chance...

Here is the first unedited sneak peek of Love Me Senseless. Isaiah melted my heart! If you haven't preordered, here is the link to do so.

Once I got to my vehicle, I turned around to see her angry face. It was red and her frown was deep as hell. She popped out her hip as she shifted her weight and rested her hand on it. “Let me fucking tell you something, Isaiah Dashawn Berotte. You have no idea what I went through after that miscarriage. You were there for me for two fucking weeks and assumed I should have been okay by then. You disappeared and continued with your life like I was a got damn afterthought. I know we weren’t a couple, but shit!”

The tears fell from her eyes, and she turned to walk away, clearly angry that I’d caused her emotions to really surface. I grabbed her arm and she turned around and slapped the shit out of me. That didn’t make me let go though. I only pulled her closer. My heart had dropped to my J’s, and I realized that this was so much deeper for her. I held her in my arms. While she wasn’t struggling to get away from me, I could feel her hesitancy about being so close to me. “I’m so sorry, Joyy. I really am. I was immature back then, and I didn’t understand the mental toll you suffered. I wanna make it right. Please let me do that. I’ve been longing for you all these years. For real. I want to be everything you need.”

She pushed away from me as I stared at her, hoping she would give me a glimmer of hope… just a slight chance to win her heart. I loved this woman. While I didn’t want to reveal that to her prematurely, I would tell her whatever she needed to know. If she needed that confirmation, I would give it to her right now. She patted the tears away and sniffed then brushed her hair away from her round face. “It’s too late. There’s nothing you can do for me now. Just your presence brings back horrible memories that I thought I was over. I can’t do this with you, Zay.”

I grabbed her hand, pleading with my eyes. This shit was hard as hell. All these years of pining after her was for nothing. She wanted nothing more to do with me, and I would have to find a way to let go. My lip had begun to quiver slightly, so I clenched my teeth, tightening my jaw muscles. I massaged her hand with mine as I stared at it, wishing that she adorned my ring on her finger. “All I’m asking is that you give you me a chance to make new memories, baby. That’s it. Just a chance.”

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