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He was a freak...

Here is the final sneak peek from The Rebirth of Noah! If you haven't preordered yet, there is still time! If you've already preordered, be checking for your download by 11 p.m. CST! If you are choosing to wait to read on KU, this book will be available tomorrow (10/1)!

Also, be sure to check out the blog titled Necessary Reads for The Rebirth of Noah, so you won't be lost trying to read this release. Enjoy the excerpt!

Sitting up straight again, he pulled his t-shirt over his head, then stood and dropped his basketball shorts to the floor. I laid back in the bed and was about to lift my hips to pull my underwear off, but his voice halted me. “Nah, Tee. Let me do that.”

He pulled off his underwear slowly while he stared into my eyes. Jesus. I was tingling all over from just the sight of his naked body. “Noah, damn you fine,” I said breathlessly.

He gave me a slight smile, but he didn’t respond verbally. He made his way to me, and I swore I came on myself. Slowly… excruciatingly slow, he made his way between my legs and hovered over me. I closed my eyes, because if I held his gaze any longer, I was going to orgasm without him. “Tee, please look at me, baby.”

I slowly opened my eyes as he descended. He lifted my legs to his shoulders then pulled my underwear off. When he did, he rubbed the crotch over his face and groaned. That was it. “Noah… oh my God.”

He looked down at me and gripped my trembling thighs. “Damn. You came.”

“This is so… intense,” I said through my pants.

“I knew it would be.”

Noah lowered his head as I continued to watch. When he came face to face with my love and witnessed her excitement and reverence for him, he kissed her softly. He spread my legs a little more and allowed his tongue to experience every inch of me. The laps his tongue made around my clit had me dizzy with desire. My clit felt like it had doubled in size as he began sucking it. It wasn’t until he inserted his fingers inside of me that I could barely control myself. I just knew I was about to piss everywhere, but of course, I knew it wasn’t piss.

“Noah,” I said breathlessly.

He whispered against my folds, “Give it to me, Tee. Let go, baby. I promise, I gotchu.”

He went back to my clit and within seconds I sprayed him mercilessly. It was like a fountain that wouldn’t end. I had never squirted for that long. My bed had to be damn near ruined. Noah didn’t let that shit stop him. He patted my clit with his fingers and with his other hand, he continued fucking me. I had never received this amount of pleasure from anyone, and it was a shame. Shit. If I wasn’t in love with him before, I was definitely in love now.

In love with the way he worshipped my body…

In love with the way he made my heart skip beats…

In love with the tenderness he used when pleasing me…

In love with everything about him.

Noah Charles was the man I had desired for my entire adult life, and he was now here. Thank God. When my orgasm subsided, his gaze remained on mine as he sucked his fingers clean. He was a freak, and I was grateful, because I used to be a freak too. He was awakening that side of me, and I loved the way that felt.

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30. Sept. 2022

Whew🥵 - oh my 🔥🔥🔥

Gefällt mir
Monica Walters
Monica Walters
30. Sept. 2022
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Yaaasss 😍😍

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