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I hope you ready for the shit you asking for...

Friday, 11/8, is the day! When You Dance will be yours! There's still time to preorder. I can't wait for you to get this story! Just make sure you have your partner next to you. You will definitely need them! LOL! Enjoy the final sneak peek!

I began dancing and slowly making my way to him. Once I was directly in front of him, I slowly brought my hands to my face, sliding them over my mask, then began removing it. Dancing and my mask had been a team since day one. When it was fully removed, I dropped it to the floor. Jamel’s dick twitched in excitement, and I noticed it was leaking precum. Going to my knees, I slowly licked the head of his dick.

He grabbed my hair. When I looked up at him, I saw his eyes roll to the back of his head. Knowing he was that sensitive to me puffed my chest out a bit. I continued teasing him by placing kisses along his shaft and licking it. Dipping down to his hairless balls, I pulled one with my lips and sucked it until I felt him squirming. Going back to his dick, I sucked the head of it while applying pressure right under his balls with my fingertips.

“Oh fuck! What'chu doing?”

I didn’t respond to him. I just continued massaging the part of his dick below the surface as I slid my mouth over as much of him as I could, watching my lipstick smear all over him. I purposely reapplied it in the car for this reason. I loved to see it smear on a dick, although I hadn’t seen it in a while. After increasing my pace, Jamel pulled me away from it by my hair. His skin had reddened some, and I could tell that he was about to explode.

I continued rubbing and applying pressure in a spot he had no clue about, and he erupted without warning. His nut was all over my breasts and stomach. Some of it even made it to face. He licked his lips then bit the bottom one as he stared at me. As he did, even more spit out of him. I supposed I turned him on that much. He grabbed my hand, stopping me from massaging his spot and kissed it.

He stood from the couch and pulled me from the floor. His hands slid inside the band of my thong and pulled it off. Going to his knees, he rested his nose against my mound and moaned as he rubbed his nut in my skin. “You smell so fucking good, Drene. Baby, you a dream come true. Real shit.”

With that, he tilted his head back and pulled me over him. It felt like he sucked my whole pussy into his mouth, and I nearly lost my breath. I lifted my leg to the couch to give him greater access, causing him to reposition himself. He put his back against the sofa and pulled me to him by putting his hands at the back of my thighs.

I straddled his body, then put my foot back on the couch. My prized possession was right at his lips. Placing his hands on my ass, he pulled me further to him and indulged in my fruit and all the juice he was squeezing from it. “Jamel… oh my God.”

“Get a condom from the table, baby.”

I did as he requested, then opened it and gave it to him. I went to my previous position, and he continued to eat me like he had been smoking all day and had the munchies. I began grinding against his face and he smacked my ass. I stopped, thinking that was what he wanted. He pulled away and said, “Keep doing that shit. You juice even more.”

I closed my eyes and resumed as he slumped some and sucked my clit like he was making love to it. When his fingers penetrated me, I began squirting everywhere. He pulled away from me and lowered me to his dick. He slowly slid me down it as I moaned. The way he felt going inside of me was more than I could have ever imagined.

He held my ass in his hands as he said, “Look at me, baby.”

I lifted my eyes to his as he lowered me more. My eyes fluttered as I did my best to keep them on him. This felt like sweet torture. “Jamel… stop teasing me. Please.”

“I just wanted you to feel how gentle I could be before I fucked you up. I wanted you to know that I was capable of tenderness in case you ever needed that. Since you don’t, I hope you ready for the shit you asking for.”

He lowered me on his dick and my eyes rolled. I couldn’t contain just how amazing he felt inside of me. He lifted me slightly and dropped me, indicating that he wanted me to bounce on his dick. I obliged him, but apparently, I wasn’t going down far enough. He gripped my hips and began slamming me on his dick as I screamed out in ecstasy. Within seconds, I’d creamed all over him.

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Nov 14, 2022

Lawd have mercy! This right here though! 💦🔥

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Nov 14, 2022
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