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I Planned to be Nasty…

I Need It is book 21 of The Henderson Family Saga! You won’t be disappointed with how Christian represents the Henderson name! It will be available 6/28, but it’s available for preorder!

Enjoy the final sneak peek!

Grabbing her hand, I led her to my bedroom. When she climbed in my bed and I saw how her ass was eating those boy shorts styled underwear, I nearly came on myself. “Fuck, Mya.”

I came out of my shorts and drawers quick as fuck and joined her in bed. Rolling my body on top of hers, I gripped her thigh and pressed my dick into her, letting her feel just how badly I needed her. She wrapped her legs around me and lifted her hips, sliding her pussy against my erection.

“Christian… I missed you.”

“Mm. I missed you too, baby. Let me show you how I get down, for real this time. In my heart, you’re mine, and that shit comes with a different experience. You get all of me and everything I have to offer. I want you to take it all too. No reservations. Let your guard down, baby. I won’t hurt you.”

Her body shivered again as I gripped her ass then moved her underwear to the side. My dick needed a taste right quick. I slipped the head in as she arched her back. When I pulled it out, her pussy made a kissing noise. “I like the way yo’ shit kiss my dick. She in love already?”

Mya pulled my face to hers as I slid back inside of her, going balls deep. Her mouth opened, separating our kiss. “Ooooh fuck!”

She came all over me. I couldn’t help but to look down at the action. My dick was covered in her lube. I pulled completely out of her and pulled off her boy shorts and lifted her to unclasp her bra. I stared at her body and licked my lips. I loved everything about her thick ass. Every roll, every pudge… it all belonged to me. I was gon’ fuck that shit up for my use only. Mya needed someone to show her just how valuable she was. By the time I got through worshipping her body, there wouldn’t be a doubt in her mind.

But right now, I planned to be nasty as fuck. I went up straight on my knees and pulled her to me. “Come suck this shit off my dick, Mya.”

She lay on her stomach and slurped my shit up, sucking it like it was leaking milk and honey. I gripped her hair as I watched her slightly tinted, thick lips cover my shaft. What her lips couldn’t get to, her hand wrapped around, stroking it at the same pace. “Myaaaa, fuck!”

That shit felt so good. It was hell not to nut as soon as she started. She released her suction and lifted my dick to show my balls some attention. She sucked one into her mouth while she played with the other. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment until her finger penetrated my ass. I squeezed so fucking tight I should’ve broken her finger.

Before I could even protest, I flooded her mouth. The fuck? She sucked up every drop of my nut. I thought she swallowed, but apparently, not all of it, since she’d let some of it drizzle down her chin and chest. She spread that shit around her perfect nipples then sucked her finger. My dick was still leaking, trying to figure out what the fuck happened.

I grabbed her by her neck, lifting her to her knees. She looked satiated, but she was trembling like she was afraid. I swore her ass was gon’ have me simpin’ like a muthafucka. I hooked her leg with my other arm and lowered her back on my dick. I bit my bottom lip, trying to hold in my moans, but that shit didn’t help. Her pussy was even hotter than last time.

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Whew, this book is going to get me in SO much trouble I see! 😜🔥

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