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If my dick enters your life…

Nate Guillory's story is finally coming!! It will be listed in the Henderson Family Saga, although it sort of connects to the Written Between the Pages Series as well!

This story was so beautiful and I can't wait for y'all to read it! It's available for preorder here.

In the meantime, check out the unedited sneak peek!

He gave me a soft smile then turned back around, pulling me in front of him as Noah began his next song. I thought my sister was blessed when God led Noah her way, and had prayed for the same thing, thinking Arik was the one. However, Nate was proving that I had it all wrong. He swayed behind me, and I could feel his dick hardening. I’d felt it yesterday when I was resting against him at the poolside. The man was blessed beyond measure, but I didn’t expect anything less, being that he was six ten.

His hands rested on my hips as I subtly rolled them against him. I closed my eyes as I felt him lean over to my ear. “Listen, baby. I’m trying not to move too fast with you, but you making this shit hard. I wanna show you intimacy without breaching your gate to heaven, but damn if I don’t wanna lick those streets of gold.”

A chill surged through my body as I turned to him and slid my hands up his chest. “As long as it doesn’t feel forced, I’m with it. Every moment with you has felt natural. I refuse to let my doubts about timing, bad relationships, and self-worth get in the way of my happiness. As long as you’re an addition to my happiness, timing isn’t important. I feel your sincerity and genuineness. So, let’s not hold anything back.”

I closed my eyes as he lowered his face to mine and gave me the tenderest kiss I’d ever received from anyone. When I felt my body lift, I pulled away slightly. He’d picked me up and his arms were wrapped around my thighs, right beneath my ass. I slid my arms around his neck and kissed him again as he swayed to Noah’s music. “You Need a Different Breed” was one of my favorites by him.

Most of these dudes just tryna pull ya panties to the side

I want that and mo’

I’m talking get in your mind

Make love to your dreams

And fondle your thoughts

And just like that, I was gushy between my legs. Nate’s hands had drifted to my ass as I kissed him with a passion I hadn’t released in months. God, what am I doing? Do I really wanna take us to this level?

Nate pulled away from me and closed his eyes for a moment. Lowering me to my feet, he grabbed my hand and led me to a seat while the entire arena was still turned up. When he sat, he pulled me down on his lap. His mama was nursing a drink and grooving in her seat. She gave me a wink as I smiled at her.

I brought my attention back to Nate to find him staring at me. His gaze was so intense I literally wanted to straddle him right here in front of his mother. My God. I was so glad Arik fucked up. This man was going to be my undoing.

He slid his hand to my ass and said in my ear, “I’m not willing to go where I think you’re taking us without a verbal confirmation that this is what you want. I’m sick of casual ass sex. If my dick enters your life, so does the rest of me. I need to know if you ready for something serious. I am. I been fiending for the shit, honestly. You just got out of a relationship, no matter how pathetic and fucked up it was. Make sure you take all the time you need for you. Allow your heart time to recuperate, because mine can’t sustain another break so soon.”

I stared into his eyes, doing my best to ease his doubts. “I’m ready, Nate. Like I told you before, I left Arik emotionally months ago. Before he called that day, he’d texted, saying he wasn’t going to make it to Baltimore. I’d told TAZ about how unhappy I was about us never spending time together. He was always ‘working’ or at some conference or seminar. There was rarely ever much time for me. I’m ready for something real. Everything about you feels real. It’s no accident that we are both here in this moment.”

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6' 10...ummmm...

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😆😆 he’s a professional basketball player 🤷🏽‍♀️


Oh my! Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

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Can't wait! 💃🏾

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