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If you on the same wave…

Healing For My Soul is coming 12/22!! I'm so excited for this release. My last release was 9/29, over 2 months ago. I haven't gone that long without a new release since 2018. 😩 But I'm baaaaaacck! 😆

Jakari and Yendi had a lot going on, but their chemistry was undeniable. Here is the first sneak peek!

Book Preorder 🔗:

Our eyes held one another’s gaze. When her cheeks reddened slightly, I knew I had her fine ass. Those lashes were doing their fucking job, batting at me, pulling me closer to her. I extended my hand, and she placed hers in mine. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Odom.”

“Call me Yendi. Nice to meet you as well, Jakari.”

Her smile was everything. The wider she smiled, the deeper those dimples got. Her cheekbones were high and forced her eyes to practically close when she smiled. Yendi Odom was beautiful. The crazy part was that my entire body heated up when I grabbed her hand… the hand that I was still holding in mine.

She cleared her throat and pulled it away, bringing her attention back to the girls. “Thank you for helping me, girls. Let me know when you’ll be able to stay late again.”

“Whenever you want us to, Ms. Odom,” Maui said. “I can stay tomorrow. We don’t practice with Aunt Tiff until Friday this week.”

“Sounds like a plan. See y’all tomorrow. Thanks, Jakari, for coming to get them, but I had no issue with getting them home.”

“What type of project are y’all working on?” I asked, mainly to have more time in her presence.

I didn’t give a damn about their little project. The only project I needed to find out about was the one standing in front of me. I’d work on that shit every day if her pussy was as good as she looked. Yendi smiled big again. “They are helping me develop programs to get more students reading, coming up with incentives to make them want to read. We are trying to reach the masses and not just the bookworm. We want to attract new readers.”

I nodded repeatedly. “Sounds interesting.”

“You should come tomorrow and help us,” she said.

I frowned as Maui and Ashanni laughed. “Jakari, we have to go back inside the library to get our things.”

Perfect. “A’ight.” When they walked away, I turned to Yendi. “The only thing I wanna help you with is achieving the most powerful orgasm of your life.” Her eyebrows lifted, and before she could respond, I continued. “I’m as forward as they come, Yendi. I don’t beat around the bush, wasting people’s time.” I pulled my wallet from my pocket and gave her a business card. “If you on the same wave I’m on, hit me up.”

She hesitantly took the card. While she tried to act like she was offended, I knew her pussy was leaping for joy. She didn’t say another word, but I could see how her skin had started to glisten. “Yendi, look at me, baby.” When she did, I said, “You fine as fuck. Where you come from?”

She cleared her throat. “I moved here from D.C., but I’m an army brat. Been all over the world. I wanted to get away from the city life though. When I saw a position open for a librarian here when I was researching Texas, I jumped on it.”

I have plenty you can jump on. She seemed sweet. If she didn’t come back at me with nothing smart to say, then my assumption had to be correct. “Well, I’m glad you chose here to work. I wouldn’t have gotten to see perfection. I hope you call so I can see just how perfect you really are.”

“Jakari, I would really like to get to know you a bit. I don’t have sex with strangers. I don’t know what type of women you’ve been dealing with, but I’m not one of them.”

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Dec 11, 2023

Come through then! 😜

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