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Let Me Ride Sneak Peek!

Enjoy this short unedited snippet to catch the vibe these two are on...

When we got to VIP, the DJ started playing “Aston Martin Music” by Rick Ross. I chuckled as I looked over at him. He gave me a head nod as he smiled. I was willing to bet Gabe had told that nigga to spin that. Gabe was the club owner. I could see him behind the glass of his VIP area for the extremely VIP.

As we made our way to our seats, we gave our drink orders to the barmaid, then I sat while Indi danced in front of me. She was getting cranked up already. After sitting her purse on my leg, I could feel it vibrating. Frowning slightly, I realized it was probably her phone ringing. I didn’t pay it any mind and continued to watch her groove to Rick Ross. She kept smiling, especially when Chrisette would sing, Aston Martin Music. I only shook my head slowly as I scanned her body.

When she finally sat on my lap and grabbed her drink that the lady had brought back, I slid my arm around her. After taking a sip, she said, “If that song wasn’t appropriate, I don’t know what was. Your swag sings to me all the time.”

“All it does is sing, baby?” I asked as I pulled her closer to my erection.


She leaned in closer to me, bringing her head against mine. She grabbed my earlobe with her teeth, diamond stud and all, then said, “No. Sometimes it caresses me… and other times, it gets forceful and rough, punching me in all the right places, causing unforeseen damage. But guess what? I don’t wanna be repaired. I like the destruction it brings.”

Pulling her to my crotch, I held her tightly around her hips and said in her ear, “We won’t be here long. All this shit you talking is making me wish we would have gon’ straight home.”

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