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Let Me Taste Them Flavors...

Tomorrow, 12/16, I'm All In, Book 9 of the Berotte Family Series, will be available! It's not to late to preorder. Here's the link:

This excerpt isn't as sweet as the last one. LOL! Enjoy!

The way he gassed me up was something that I loved. God bless it. I reached up and pulled his hair loose, sliding my fingers through it. The moan that fell from his lips had my nipples so hard they were throbbing. I didn’t know why God made him so sexy, but I was beyond happy about it. When I pulled his shirt over his head and saw his tatted chest, my lips parted. Doing my best to take him in, I let out a soft whimper.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Please make love to me. I need to feel you inside of me, hovering over me, and kissing me tenderly. Please…”

I went to my knees and pulled off his sweats, smelling just how good he smelled. He was fresh out of the shower. I licked his dick, then pulled it inside my mouth as I swiped my hair from my face. Pulling away from him, I was about to get up. “Where you going?”

“Get my scrunchie from the dresser.”

Since I’d gotten my braids taken out, it wouldn’t stay out of my face. I was about to stand again, but his words halted me. “Don’t be disrespectful, Lynn,” he said with a frown. “I’m the ponytail holder. That’s my fucking job.”

I wanted to laugh, but I knew he was serious as hell. “My only job right now is to hold your hair out of your face and enjoy what you finna do to me.”

I bit my bottom lip as I restrained my smile and brought my mouth back to his dick, right where he needed me to be. It was exactly where I wanted to be. Arrow’s dick was in category of its own. I could see why he had a reputation. Women probably couldn’t get enough of this. It was long, thick, and slightly hooked. Just the look of it made my G-spot excited.

I started a rhythm as he threaded his fingers through my hair then leaned over a bit to hold it in a ponytail, just like he said he would. “Relax your shoulders, baby.”

When I did, my throat opened more to receive more of him. He began guiding his missile right down my throat like he was performing an endoscopy. I wanted to ask him if he saw anything while he was in there. I was gagging like crazy and for a moment, I thought I was gonna throw up. I stroked his dick while admiring how gifted he was. This shit was made for pornos, and Arrow was giving all this dick away for free.

He withdrew himself from my mouth and watched the spit fall from it. “Mm.”

After stroking it a couple of times, he laid it on my lips as I stared at him. This was where I should have been nearly two weeks ago, bowing in worship for this masterpiece God had created. When he insinuated that he was a ho, I should have known he had dick for days and that he knew how to use it. I hadn’t even felt it yet and here I was, looking forward to the next time. I closed my eyes and began sucking him again.

He released my hair and slid his hands to my cheeks and gently caressed them with his thumbs. I opened my eyes to stare at him. His thick lips were parted, and his stare was intense. When he began subtly winding his dick into my mouth, I slid my hand between my legs, moving my panties to the side. I couldn’t take his movements and his stare all at once.

I began flicking my clit back and forth as he slowly pulled his dick from my mouth. “Let me please you, Lynn. Let me taste them flavors that’s been marinating all day.”

He helped me from the floor and led me to the bed, then removed my bra and panties. When he took my panties and licked the crotch of them, I knew he was a nasty ass nigga. He sniffed them and closed his eyes. “Get in the bed, Lynn. I’m about to give you all the shit you deserve.”

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