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Mysterious But Gratifying

Something You Won't Forget will be available soon, and I can't wait to get your take on it. If you would like to preorder, here is the link. Enjoy the first unedited excerpt!

Dylan seemed to relax instantly as a smile played on his lips. He pulled out my chair, and I sat next to Alexz. She gave me a half smile and a shoulder bump. It was like they could all see what I was somewhat struggling to accept. Maybe after we talked more on our pending outing tonight, I would be able to accept our attraction better. As if I had a premonition earlier, “Me and You” started to play. My eyes widened slightly. Was that a sign?

Mr. Berotte pulled Ms. Anissa from her chair and began dancing with her. Alexz’s boyfriend followed suit. They looked so cute enjoying themselves. I glanced over at Dylan, playing on his phone. Standing from my seat, I took a risk and went to him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the tent as he slid his phone in his pocket. I wrapped my arms around his waist and began swaying to the beat.

He smiled then grabbed my wrist and spun me around where my back was against him. He wrapped his arms around me as his beard tickled my neck. I felt so damn comfortable with this man. How sway? This shit was puzzling. He kissed my cheek as we swayed and as directed by the song, I wasn’t worried about a damn thang. I closed my eyes and got lost in his cologne and how good his beard smelled.

Spewing my thoughts about him like he was reading my mind, he said, “You smell good, Skyler.”

“Mm… so do you.”

We stayed that way for the entire song and when it ended, he refused to let me go. “Damn, girl,” he said in my ear.

I knew I had goosebumps all over my skin. His voice in my ear was driving me insane. I spun around in his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck then quickly pecked him on the lips. Just that fast, I was addicted to his lips. I was behaving this way with an audience. I didn’t know how I would be able to contain myself tonight when we were alone. I was sure to hop his damn bones. He pecked my lips again and said, “Come on. We have an audience.”

I lowered my arms as he continued. “I could kiss your pretty lips all day and believe it or not, I’m not really a kisser.”

I frowned slightly. How could you love someone and not be a kisser? Was he telling me what I thought he was telling me? Instead of letting those questions swirl around in my head, I decided to ask. “So… you’ve never been in love or had a girlfriend?”

He twisted his lips to the side as he shook his head. “Nope. I was somewhat of the ugly duckling growing up. When women started paying attention to me, I was done with trying to be in a relationship.”

I frowned harder. “Ugly duckling? I don’t believe that.”

“Believe it. I was super skinny, ashy looking, and wore braces. Girls gave me the cold shoulder until I got to college, put some weight on, and pledged Kappa. After the beard, that was all she wrote.”

“So, what happened after that?”

We sat at the table, and he glanced at me. “Let’s save that conversation for tonight."

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