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Netflix and Chill

The final sneak peek is here and it's scorching hot! It's not too late to preorder and have this baby drop into your kindles at midnight. Enjoy!

Before I could utter a word, he yanked me to the end of the bed by my ankles and went to his knees, slowly devouring my pussy like it was a five-course meal from an upscale restaurant. When he moaned against my pussy lips, I thought I’d ascended into heaven. The man ate pussy like he loved it… like there was nothing else he would rather be doing. He never penetrated me with his fingers. He was all about satisfying me with his tongue first. That shit was beyond satisfying.

My body had begun trembling once again and just as my floodgates were about to open, Dylan stopped, stared at my pussy, then lightly blew on it. It felt like my clit grew in size, but I didn’t cum. I didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, but it felt like I was about to explode. When he started patting my kitty with his fingertips, I could feel my orgasm surfacing. The moment he applied more force and slapped it, before I could ask what the fuck was wrong with him, my pussy squirt all over his chest.

“That’s what I want to see. Next time just give it to me. Quit trying to hold that shit in.”

He lowered his head back to my pussy, and I wanted to cry. I wanted to feel him inside of me so bad. As if reading my thoughts, he stood and pulled off his sweats, then basketball shorts. When I saw that shit, I almost lost my damn mind. It looked like two king-sized Snicker bars molded into one. The smooth but veiny chocolate looked delectable. “You said you wanted to be slutted out, right?”

I didn’t respond as he laid next to me and pulled me on top of him. He spun me around like I weighed nothing and put his dick right in my face. He popped my ass and said, “Open wide, lil mama.”

Throwing caution to the wind, I did as I was told, and he lifted his hips, guiding his dick right into my mouth. When I felt his tongue in my ass, I shivered. The man was talented. The way he slow stroked my mouth had me enjoying it as much as he was. I lowered my hands and massaged his balls with one and stroked the bottom of his dick with the other as he moaned into me and alternated from my ass to my pussy. I felt like I was about to lose it.

He began stroking my mouth faster, and I thought I was going to throw up on his ass. He smacked my ass hard and said, “What I told you about holding shit in? Drown me with that shit.”

I didn’t know how he knew I was holding it in, but that had become a habit. I self-pleasured a lot, and I found myself doing that to make it last longer. He dove back in as he gripped my ass and halfway killed me with his dick. I was starting to wish I didn’t ask to be slutted out, because just as I thought, I couldn’t handle the shit. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I came hard.

I had to remove my mouth from his dick before I bit that shit. However, the second I did, he shot nut all over my breasts and face. I couldn’t even be mad. I was pretty sure I had drowned him just like he asked me to. He practically threw me off him, and I heard his drawer open and close. Within a minute or so he rolled me to my stomach and picked my hips up and entered me slowly. “Oh fuck!”

That was the loudest he’d gotten. I screamed as well as his dick stretched me open. “Dylan! Oh shit!”

He was only fucking me with the head of his dick, but that shit felt so damn good. “You creaming all over my shit. That’s what I like to see.”

I wiped my face on his bed then tried to lift my head. The moment I did, he pushed more of his dick inside of me and pushed my head back to the bed as I screamed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he gave me more. I no longer had control of my body, and I believed this was exactly how he wanted me. When he pulled out of me, I wanted to collapse. He laid in the bed and said, “Come on, Skyler. Come ride this dick, baby.”

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