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On My Way to You is back!

Did you notice that On My Way to You was back on Amazon with a new cover? No? Here it is! You can download or purchase it at the following link.


Keisha Landry is in a fix like none other. She went against the code of the hood, and now she is paying for it. One loyal yet twisted decision leads to Keisha hiding in a closet, in desperate need of help. Ryan sends the help she needs, but when she sees that help, she's mesmerized. From that moment on, Keisha doesn't want to imagine life without him, and she doesn't even know his name yet.

Sheppard Andrews has only been in love once. That love was reserved for the mother of his daughter. When she was killed in Iraq, Sheppard entered a depression that no one could seem to pull him out of. Doing his best to walk a straight line comes to a screeching halt when he receives a call from long-time friend, Ryan, to save a woman named Keisha Landry. He doesn't know her, but if Ryan thinks she's worth saving, then that's all that matters. The moment he sees her, he knows that she possesses the power to have him groveling at her feet.

So many obstacles stand in the way of Sheppard and Keisha's connection. He vows to take care of her and protect her from her not-so-over drama, but after blasting his way to her, they both realize that her troubles are following her wherever they go. Will they be able to overcome those troubles and bury them once and for all, or will those issues overtake them and halt all possibilities of their impending future together?

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I'm curious to see what happens to these two..

Me gusta
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