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Rescue Me...

Book 13 of the Berotte Family Series, Where You Should Be, is coming SOON! 4/7 to be exact! I can't wait for y'all to read it! I swooned quite a few times, I was angry, heartbroken... let's just say this book took me through it. Whew! You can preorder at the following link.

Enjoy the unedited excerpt from the prologue!

I nodded then grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. Before she got in, she lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it. Damn, her lips soft. She brought it to her chest, and it took everything in me to keep from grabbing her by the neck and stripping my clothes off her. Keep it together, Jungle. My dick was starting to harden from my wayward thoughts.

I pulled my hand away from her and as I turned to exit, she attached herself to me like a damn magnet. “Please don’t leave me in here alone. Please…”

I took a deep breath and headed to the chaise. “I’ll stay. Go get in bed and get some rest.”

She released me, and as I was about to sit, she stood there and stared at me as she fidgeted. Fuck! I pulled my shirt over my head and took off my shoes then headed to the bed with her. When I began unbuttoning my pants, I could see the nerves that took over her. “I have shorts on under these. I can’t lay in bed with jeans on. Never could.”

She nodded nervously then slid in bed. I could see her body trembling. After getting my jeans off, I got in bed with her and stared at the ceiling. When she rolled into me and lay on my chest, I knew I was gon’ have to pull every ounce of restraint from my core to keep from grabbing her ass.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arm around her. I had to admit that this felt amazing and like something I was missing out on. Maybe I would find a woman that could provide this level of intimacy without a hidden agenda. I’d met a woman a couple of weeks ago at a convenience store that seemed cool, but I didn’t know if she was looking for something serious.

I was feeling her though, but strangely, not as much as I was feeling Jenetta. It was like her soul was wanting me to rescue it from the turmoil she was in. I didn’t even know how I would begin to do that. I had shit within me that I needed to get a handle on before I could even begin to try to help anyone else.

She lifted her head and stared at me, her auburn curls everywhere. I licked my lips, and she followed my tongue. Shit. It was habit for me to do that when I saw someone who attracted me. I didn’t expect her to scoot up and lay her lips on mine though. She brought her hand to my cheek and held it there. I almost got caught up.

I pulled away from her and said, “Jenetta, this ain’t cool, baby. I’m trying to be here for you, but we can’t go there.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that it seems you needed that as much as I did. We are both craving love. I can feel it.”

I stared into her eyes, knowing that she was telling the God’s honest truth. Before I could stop myself, I pulled her on top of me and held her in my arms as she lay her head on my chest. Surprisingly, my dick wasn’t hard. I was feeling emotional. I wasn’t sure how she could sense that within me, but I had to stay close to her, if for nothing more than to be her friend.

Jericho would come unglued if he knew we were in this room like this. “You can’t tell Jericho about this. I’ll tell him what I want him to know.”

She lifted her head and laid her lips on mine again. I kissed her back, but I couldn’t get carried away with her. “Go to sleep, baby.”

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