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She was grinding on my wood...

When You Dance, book 8 of the Berotte Family Series, will be available on 11/18, but is available for preorder at the following link. Jamel and Obsession are going to turn up the heat in the Berotte Family Series! LOL! Enjoy the following excerpt!

Once we got to our section, I noticed I had a different seat. That shit looked like I was the king of this shit. I laughed when I saw it. A half-naked woman approached me and put a crown on my head, cocking it to the side. I sat in my seat and my boys all sat in the chairs and loungers around me. As the announcer went to the mic, Jungle and Jericho joined us, giving everybody a dap or head nod.

I checked the time and knew it was time for Obsession to put on her show… the final show for me. I took a deep breath as the announcer did the introduction. When the beginning of “Drunk in Love” started to play, I saw her emerge in all black. She had on a long, sheer black overlay with a lacy black bra and thong underneath. The beginning of the song kept looping while she made her way to center stage with a bottle of alcohol.

She took a swig of it as she got situated. Once she set the bottle down, the lyrics began to play. She was so fucking sexy. However, my breathing went on pause when Beyonce sang, I want you, and Obsession pointed at me. The guys started howling as she twerked her ass to the base line while squatting to the floor.

The sheer overlay slid off her shoulders and down her arms then she went to the pole and did some fire acrobatics. I thought she was gon’ break her fucking neck, especially when she was only holding on by one leg. Once she was done, she stood up straight and faced me and began doing dances from the music video as the crowd cheered. Her eyes never left mine. When Jay-Z started rapping, two bouncers appeared at the stage and helped her off the front of it by hoisting her.

My dick was rising to the occasion, and I was one step away from squirming in my seat. She was coming to me. I licked my lips and stared at her perfect body. When she got in front of me, she pulled her bra off and began dancing just for me. Everybody in that fucking club disappeared. All I saw was her. How did she know it was my birthday? Maybe Arrow somehow set this up. She’d prepared this entire routine for me.

When she straddled me, I closed my eyes for a moment, not believing this was happening. She didn’t do lap dances, but here she was, giving me the ultimate satisfaction of one. She was grinding on my wood, and I was on the verge of pulling that shit out. The bouncers stood near to make sure no one interrupted our moment. She slid her hands up my chest to my beard and she grabbed it, pulling me to her. She kissed my lips, and I wanted to fucking pass out.

She stood and began dancing again. However, on the drinking watermelon part, she fell to her knees and slid her hand over my dick as she extended her tongue. I wanted to grab her so bad, but she didn’t give me permission to touch her. I could feel niggas pushing my shoulder, but I couldn’t even acknowledge them right now. She turned around and bent over in my face. She didn’t take off her thong, but her pussy was eating that shit up. I didn’t want this fucking song to end, but unfortunately, it did.

She turned back to me and smiled then extended her hand. I noticed it was trembling slightly. She was nervous? I wondered why she was doing this if she was nervous. Maybe she was feeling me like I was feeling her. I grabbed her hand, and she pulled me, prompting me to stand. When she licked her lips and pulled me away from my boys, I already knew what was about to happen.

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