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Slight choking was my shit…

Tomorrow, Your One will be yours to have! You can still preorder here!

Here is the final sneak peek! Enjoy!

He continued south, licking and kissing my body hungrily until he got to my underwear. His eyes lifted to mine as his fingers slid into the waistband. I lifted my hips, and he slowly pulled my underwear over them. His gaze left mine and went to the treasure between my legs. When he licked his lips, I knew I was in trouble… trouble that I had no desire to get out of.

His eyes lifted and stayed on mine as he lowered his head between my legs. That nigga stared at me while he licked my pussy. I nearly detonated all over him before he could even get started good. When he released a deep moan on my clit, I lost it. I grabbed ahold of his hair, lifted my hips, and released a passionate scream as my orgasm flooded his face.

It had been so long since I’d been pleased orally my pussy was probably in shock. Arik hadn’t gone down on me in nearly seven months. Nate continued lapping up my juices like ain’t shit happened. His grip on my thighs got tighter as he sucked my clit, causing my body to convulse. I was holding on to his hair for dear life when my pussy squirted out her excitement.

He pulled away slightly and slowly shook his head. He stared at her for a moment, then gently pat my clit, causing even more to release from me. “Naaaaaate… fuck!”

“Mm-hmm. Give me all of it, Kenya. All of this and all of you, baby. I promise I’ma take care of all of you.”

My body trembled even more than it already was as the tears built up. I swallowed hard as he stood from the bed and pulled a condom from his pocket. “After last night, I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus tonight without tasting you. My dick refused to be left out though.”

He dropped his shorts then stretched out his boxer briefs and pulled them over his erection. I went up on my elbows and stared at his shit in awe. My eyes rolled to the back of my head at the sight of that thick ass four iron he pulled out of his shorts. “Oh shit, Nate. I’m a fan.”

He chuckled then bit his bottom lip as he strapped up. “I’m a fan too, baby. A number one fan and from now on, the only fan.”

He came back to me, immediately assuming the position. When his dick slowly breached my gates, my body welcomed him. My pussy was already spasming. My hands journeyed to his back and slid to his ass, pulling him deeper. He swiftly grabbed my hands, bringing them over my head, then pushed into me, taking my fucking breath away. I wrapped my legs around him as I yelled, “Oooh fuuuck, Nate!”

“Let me handle this shit, Kenya. I’m your man now. We’re consummating this shit. This pussy is mine, whenever I want it. You hear me?”

“Yeeeeesss, loud and clear. I’m down for you. I’ll be ready whenever you are.”

He pushed further into me, lifting my hips from the bed as he continued to pin my arms over my head. He lowered his head to my nipple, and I came without warning as his dick destroyed my insides in the most pleasing ass way. I screamed out my pleasure as he released my arms and brought one of his hands to my neck.

He didn’t know it, but slight choking was my shit. I began rolling my hips harder, throwing the pussy at him with every stroke. “Oh fuck!” he yelled.

He quickly rolled to his back, pulling me on top of him. I immediately brought my hands to his chest and rolled my hips like I had something to prove. Nate smacked my ass cheeks at the same time, slightly lifting me from his dick. I started a slower bounce on him as a frown made its way to his face. He continued to stare at me though.

I couldn’t take it. Closing my eyes, I continued to let his dick breach my soul while he fucked me back from below. The man had skills. The way he rolled his hips, driving the dick into me, showed just how experienced he was. The head of his dick dragged against my G-spot with every down stroke.

“Kenya, I need to see your soul, baby. Open your eyes.”

He slowed his thrusts as I opened my eyes. God, it felt like he was making love to me. That was impossible when I knew he barely knew me. But again, he had gifts that seemed to make the impossible attainable. Pulling me to him, he then wrapped his arms around me and slow fucked me like he loved me. My nipples slid up and down his chest. The friction was stirring my deepest desires and feelings for him, threatening to have them overflowing.

It felt like my body was turned inside out where he could see where every one of my spots were, because he was hitting them all. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure I had no choice but to release the tears in my ducts. Damn. How the fuck he have me crying? Before either of us could address it, my orgasm poured from me, soaking him.

As I screamed, he covered my mouth with his, forcing me to slow down and enjoy the overtaking. My hips wanted to wind out of control, but he forced me to maintain the same pace and enjoy euphoria a little longer. When he released my lips, he moaned as his eyes rolled. “Fuuuuck!”

The goosebumps appeared on his skin and his veins were more pronounced as he reached his climax. Still, his pace didn’t increase. He continued to slow fuck me right through that shit. He didn’t have to worry about me not giving him my all. I was so fucking sprung off this one session he would have to pry me off his ass so he could get to the arena.


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