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Sneak Peek from Access Denied: Luxury Love

Here's the first sneak peek from my upcoming release, Access Denied: Luxury Love. It will be available to download on 4/9/2021, but you can preorder it now! Enjoy!

When Ross walked through the door, he looked right at me and licked his lips. I could feel the tremble that went through my body. But when he pulled his shirt over his head, my nerves were gone, and my lips had parted.

I’d seen him without a shirt at the video shoot, but damn if it didn’t feel like the first time. He bit his bottom lip and as if that were him telling me what to do, I stood from the bed as he approached me. His hand immediately went to my neck, slightly choking me and pushing my head back. That turned me on so much, I thought I came on myself. His other hand slid down my chest to my hips. Pulling me closer, he slid his hand under my dress and grabbed my ass. “Mmm,” he moaned close to my ear.

When he released my neck, I stepped away from him and calmly pulled my dress over my head, revealing my black thong set. Ross grabbed my hand and spun me around slowly, taking in the view before him. When I was facing him again, I slid my hands down his chest to his pants. The waistband was loose enough for me to pull them down without unbuttoning them. Once my hands went inside the waistband of his boxers, he stared at me like he was about to fuck me up. Nothing excited me more.

I leaned in and kissed his lips as I slid my hands up and down the outside of his thighs. When I pulled away from him, I pulled his boxer briefs over his erection and was blessed with perfection. I couldn’t help but give him a catholic christening and let the saliva fall from my mouth. My mouth had watered at the sight of it. It had been a while since I’d sucked dick, but at the sight of his I was ready to be crowned Superhead.

He was gonna get this luxury love today and it was gonna be nasty. I began stroking his dick, then kissed him again, pulling him to me by the back of his head. I was sooo ready to feel him inside of me… it didn’t matter what hole.

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