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Sneak Peek of Still: Your Best!

Here is the first unedited sneak peek of Still: Your Best! Enjoy! It will be available for download on 6/11 on Amazon, but it's available for preorder now! Enjoy!

We headed to the fitness store and before we could get through the door, there was a crowd of people blocking the entrance. “What’s going on?” my mom asked as she tiptoed, trying to see.

She was short, but even I had to tiptoe at five-foot-ten. However, when the tallest man walked away, I could see very clearly what was going on. Shane Taylor was signing autographs. When he looked up and his eyes met mine, it was like everything stopped and “Moments in Love” was playing in the background. He took my fucking breath away. The pictures on his page didn’t do him justice. And those blue eyes felt like they were looking right through me.

His lean six-foot-four-inched frame was beckoning me. But then he had to lick his lips, which caused mine to part. It was like everyone around us had disappeared as he made his way to me. I couldn’t move and my eyes stayed glued to his. God, this man had taken control of my motor functions.

When he got to me, he gently grabbed my hand, then looked at my mother and said, “Hello, Mrs. Green. It’s good to see you.”

She grinned and said in a drawn-out tone, “Heeeeyyy, Shane.”

When he turned back to me, he didn’t say a word, just stared at me. Finally breaking the silence, he said, “Hey, baby girl.”

“Hey,” I said breathlessly.


That broke the trance I was in as I saw Kyla trying to fight her way through the crowd. That was when I realized cameras were flashing. I pulled my hand away from his and smiled brightly as she made her way through. When she finally reached us, she gave me a big hug. “Girl! It’s been at least ten years since I’ve seen you!”

“I know. I live in Baton Rouge. I just decided to stay there after I finished school.”

“Wow. It’s funny you and Shane haven’t crossed paths at some point. He’s been in New Orleans for almost eight years.”

I glanced at him as he scanned my body and cameras continued to flash. Damn. He was perfection. He was on his grown man shit, and I loved it. The hair at the top of his head was traded in for a fade and I just wanted to run my hand over it. His hair was soft as hell. That sandy brown goatee looked amazing on him too. Jesus. However, when a woman appeared at his side, I averted my attention back to Kyla.

She grinned at me, already seeming to know what was up. “You still coming to Ree’s house tomorrow? The baby is only a week old, but she seems to have grown so much already.”

I cleared my throat and said, “Umm… yeah. I’m still going. I can’t wait to see her. We can talk more tomorrow. I’ll stay for a while so we can catch up.”

I glanced back over at Shane to see him talking to his woman. Something inside of me wanted to go introduce myself, but I decided against that with so many cameras around, not to mention my mother standing next to me. His girlfriend was staring at me like she was in awe, the total opposite of what I expected. I thought if I ever met her that she would be glaring at me, sensing my attraction to her man. So, either she didn’t sense it, or she didn’t care. Too many people were around for me to gauge her real reaction.

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Ooooh....Can't wait to read this....I must get all your books..


Jahari Dowdy
Jahari Dowdy
Jun 07, 2021

Yasss!!! I can’t wait. Sneak peek had me captivate.


Jun 06, 2021

Looking forward to this release. Just the sneak peek have me drawn in!!

Monica Walters
Monica Walters
Jun 06, 2021
Replying to


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