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Spoil Her Alert...

Here is the first unedited sneak peek from Don't Fight The Feeling, book 7 of the Berotte Family Series! DJ's story takes a step back from Chad's story. It doesn't pick up where his left off. It picks up in Chapter 1 when Chad and Lexi first get their stuff together in book 6. Lol It was necessary to go back and make some things clear between DJ and Shavozz.

The book will be available on 10/21! You can preorder at the following link.

Enjoy the excerpt!

Shavozz blushed harder, and she swept her curls from her face. “I just divorced an ain’t shit nigga. I’m not ready to put myself back out there, DJ. You seem cool and all, but I need to get reacquainted with myself, now that he’s gone, and it’s just me and my babies.”

That only made me more sensitive to her, because it reminded me of how my mama struggled taking care of us without my dad being around. Everything was on her, and it was a big adjustment for all of us. “Will you at least take my number? Whenever you ready to move on, call me.”

She smiled again, and I swore I was smitten. She slid her hand away from mine. I barely realized that I’d been holding her hand the entire time. It just felt so natural and comfortable as hell. After glancing back at her friend who was staring at us, she said, “Okay.”

“A’ight. You betta not give my number to yo’ friend either. I’m not gon’ be disrespectful by saying what I think of her, but if she call me, I will be.”

She chuckled, then bit her bottom lip, trying to hold in her laughter. She knew her uglass friend wasn’t gon’ pull no nigga like me. She needed to find somebody as ugly as her. She handed me her phone and looked at me over her glasses as she said, “I won’t. Type it in. I mean ain’t no harm in just talking. Just because I’m not ready to date, we can still talk, right?”

Man, she already had my mind in the gutter with the way she looked at me over those glasses. Porn had been my best friend lately, because I was sick of fucking random broads. I was ready for something real. It had been nearly a year since I had sex. Her looking over those glasses was gon’ have me tryna get in her guts prematurely. “Yeah, of course. When you’re ready, you’ll already know me,” I responded.

“Order for DJ!”

I turned to the man at the counter and lifted my hand. “Give me a sec, Shavozz.”

I went got my food from him, then headed back to her. She handed me her phone again and I finished typing my number in her phone and saving it under DJ. “I had to save it in there. I couldn’t risk you losing it. You eat here a lot?”

“No. My friend does though. She loves their links.”

I lifted the right side of my lip in disgust. I liked links, but just imagining her friend eating one made me nauseated. Shavozz chuckled again. “DJ, you seem really cool.”

“I am. You’ll find out in time.”

I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it just as her friend walked over. “Damn, Vozz, you coming or what?”

I could already see that her hatin’ ass was gonna be a problem. I frowned at her as Shavozz said, “Girl, yes. Don’t be rushing me. I’m the one driving.”

She smacked her lips and rolled her eyes. I swore it looked like her ass had morphed into a damn gremlin. Shavozz turned back to me and said, “I’m sorry. She’s so damn impatient. It was really nice meeting you, DJ.”

“It was nice meeting you too, beautiful. Tonight ain’t too soon for you to call me. I’m ready to start spoiling somebody, and you the first woman I’ve seen in a long time that looks like you worthy.”

She blushed and seemed to be caught off guard by my bluntness. As she walked away, I followed up with, “Don’t keep me waiting.”

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