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The Man Had Gifts…

Take Me was a quick write to keep you engaged! I thought it would be shorter, but the characters had so much more to say. 😆 The preorder link is live! It will be yours 6/4!

You can grab your ebook copy here:

Enjoy the excerpt!

He softly pecked my lips, and said, “My real name ain’t Vick. That’s what I tell niggas like him my name is. I’ll tell you my real name in time. I can see by your demeanor that you don’t trust people easily. So we just gon’ get to it if you cool with that. Your man gave you to me to start paying on a debt. We aren’t in business together.”

I wanted to cry. This was cheapest I’d ever felt. That was probably why Danté wanted to stop coming here. He didn’t have any more money. Vick kissed my lips again then brought his hands to my face and said, “Just relax and enjoy the moment, baby. You look like you need something tender. I got’chu.”

He grabbed my legs, causing me to lean back to the couch and spread them. Kissing from my ankle to my middle, he seemed to savor every moment. He took my shoes off as he licked me behind my knees. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and a soft moan escaped me. It had been months since I’d felt soft. I was always getting fucked, and I was getting tired of that.

Vick placed my legs on his shoulders as he undid the buttons of his vest then his shirt, revealing a toned, hairless, chest. His caramel skin tone was calling me to it, and I got the urge to lick him. As I was about to sit up, he said, “Naw. You relax.”

He lowered his head to my pussy, and it felt like he swallowed me whole. The man had gifts, and it was at that moment that I knew I didn’t want another nigga in this damn club. At this point, even Danté could go fuck himself. He hadn’t tasted me in over a month. I was ashamed of how I’d let him take me to these undesirable places and basically turn me into his ho, but Vick was making me happy that I’d sank to the pits of hell.

It seemed he thought I needed rescuing, and he couldn’t have been more correct in that assumption. Vick devoured my pussy like he was making love to me… like I was his woman. I sat up slightly only to make eye contact with him. He continued eating me like I was his favorite meal while maintaining eye contact. I couldn’t handle it, and my body proved that when it squirted all over him.

I dropped to the couch as he yanked my hips to his mouth, lifting my bottom half from the cushion. My body was jerking wildly as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. When my tremors began to calm, he lifted his head from between my legs and went to my chest, exposing my nipple. He slurped it into his mouth and sucked it gently for a few seconds then stared into my eyes.

Placing his hand on my cheek, he said, “Damn. You’re so beautiful, Mercy.” He glanced at my pussy as it continued to contract. “And sweet.”

He kissed my lips slowly as he slid his tongue inside my mouth to mine. I was somewhat caught off guard, but I quickly recovered. I found myself wrapping my arms and legs around him, not wanting this moment to ever end. I didn’t know this man, so this moment was insane. It only attested to how negligent Danté had been when it concerned my needs.

He pulled away and dropped his pants. As I was about to go to my knees, he pushed me back to the couch and sat next to me. Again, I tried to get up so I could go to my knees to please him. For once, I actually felt a strong desire to do so. He grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of him, straddling him. Again, placing his hand on my cheek, he stroked it gently as he stared into my eyes with his gorgeous browns.

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