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Unedited Sneak Peek from I Wish I Could Be the One 2

Here's the first sneak peek! WJ is NOT who you assume he is. Finally you get his side of the story... his thoughts. It's available for preorder, so you won't have to stalk Amazon on release day!

Enjoy the sneak peek.

Stepping closer to him as he spooned chili in a bowl for me, I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his back. He said that I should just go for what I wanted and there was nothing I wanted more than to be close to him. Maybe I was clinging to him for what I’d been missing from having Decaurey and Tammy in my life. Whatever the reason, I was feeling extremely sensitive toward him.

Taking a deep breath, letting his scent swirl around my inner being, I slowly exhaled him. Turning around in my embrace, Wesley wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “The connection we share is unbelievable. I can’t even explain what I feel inside, but I don’t want to miss a moment with you, Vee.”

I loved the nickname he’d settled on calling me. Liv was to be expected, so him calling me Vee, showed he’d put more thought into it, trying to be unique. Pulling back to stare into his eyes, I responded, “I feel the same way. You said in the hospital that I gave you solace. That’s what I’m feeling from you now.”

“Mmm,” he moaned and pulled me closer to him. “I can hold you like this all day. But… let me warm your food before I try to do something I shouldn’t be doing.”

I kissed his lips as his hands slipped to my back. “Something like what?” I asked innocently.

He smirked slightly then allowed his hands to dip lower to the small of my back. “You really don’t know?” he asked, playing along with me.

“No. Please enlighten me.”

He bit his bottom lip, then slid his hands to my ass, pulling me closer and gripping it like it had got him through hard times. His lips lowered to my ear as my head tilted back. “Vee… I wanna know you before I destroy you, baby. My dick been on hiatus for a while…” He licked a slow path from the base of my neck back to my ear, making my knees weak. “But I can guarantee you, he ain’t loss no steam. You gon’ make me fuck my stitches up.”

He kissed my ear then neck so tenderly, I swore I was melting from the passion oozing from him. However, I didn’t want to deter his physical healing because I couldn’t control my impulses. As I was about to pull away, he said, “But I’ll fuck all this shit up for a taste of you, girl.”

A soft moan left my lips as he brought a hand to my chest and slid his finger down my cleavage. His hand went back to my neck, and he gripped it, causing a moan to leave me. “What about your lungs?” I whispered.

“I can get oxygen from you,” he said right before laying his lips on mine.

Fuck! I was about to give Wesley all this gushy shit between my legs until I heard the door open.

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