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What are you Doing?

Sometimes, we often find ourselves at a crossroads. For years, I was afraid to step out of myself and just strive for the dream I've believed in for so many years. Being a writer gave me the creative outlet I needed as a shy teenager. My love for it steadily grew, but I felt like it was a hobby and I needed to pursue the traditional job by going to college and getting a degree.

That degree is hanging on my wall, but I have yet to have job that it helped me to obtain. Why? Because I was born to be a writer! All of my jobs were mediocre, making $16.50 an hour at the best one. Don't get me wrong, the income helped, but the stress of the job weighed me down. While I was there, all I could think about was writing! On my breaks, I was writing or planning out the next story. My hour lunch breaks would find me in my car, eating and typing.

Finally, one day while heading to work, feeling disgusted because I was tired of being there, I received an email from B. Love about a contract with B. Love Publications for one book. I told my husband of the opportunity, and he said, "Quit."

Now, I'm already unhappy at my job, but I knew we could use the extra money. My husband said, "Baby, I have to support your dream. I got'chu."

I thought about that the rest of the way to work, then sat at my desk for an hour before I decided I would just do it. I want to write. B. Love gave me an opportunity to reach more readers. How could I pass up the opportunity? I'm not as fast of a writer, so I knew while working, I could only put out one book every three months. I needed to do better than that.

I turned in my resignation and I haven't looked back. That one-book contract has turned into multiple book contracts. So, the title says what are you doing? What I mean by that is, what are you doing to fulfill your dreams? You may not be able to take the path that I did, but are you striving to fulfill your purpose daily? Are you taking steps in the right direction? If not, what are you doing?

We only get one life. Do your best with what God gave you, and do your best to find and fulfill your purpose in this life without regrets.

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As I was reading your many excerpts, I was and am inspired to continue writing..I need your entire catalog in my life..

Me gusta
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