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You Gon' Make Me Fuck You Up...

Coming 2/21 is my second release with Urban Books, Full Figured 18. This book contains two stories, one by me and another by Treasure Hernandez. My story is titled Love Won't Let Me Wait. This is the story the sneak peek will come from. The ebook is available for preorder at the following link. It will also be available in audiobook as well as online with retailers such as Target and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy the excerpt!

I didn’t give him a chance to respond. Pulling his face back to mine, I pressed my lips against his again and slid my tongue to his. These two years of celibacy were about to be torn to shreds, because my shit was twitching in excitement, hoping that something would soon be filling the space within its walls.

Ford pulled away again and kissed my cheek, gradually making his way to my neck. When his hand gripped my thigh, he said in a low voice near my ear, “I’m not taking it this far until I know for sure that you’re willing to totally give in to me. Once I dip into you, ain’t no going back. I have a feeling this pussy gon’ have its way with me, and I’m not ashamed to say so. If that’s the case, its gonna have me wanting it all the time and jumping into commitments you may not be ready for. Let me take my time with you, baby.”

He licked my neck, then nibbled on my earlobe. I couldn’t move or speak though. I was already on my way to euphoria, and I didn’t want to come back. “Ford… please don’t stop,” I whispered.

My body was in starvation mode, and it wanted to suck Ford dry of all the nutrients he had to offer. I slid my leg up to his waist and curled it, pulling him even closer to me. “Giánni… you gon’ make me fuck you up right here in this kitchen. Stop before you have a nigga going too far,” he said.

He sounded so damn rough, and I loved that shit. His words didn’t threaten me though. They only propelled me forward as I whispered in his ear, “Please… please, Ford.”

He swiftly grabbed me by the neck, tilting my head backward causing it to hit the cabinet behind me, as his other hand slid up my body. No apologies were offered, and I didn’t expect any. That act alone had my panties overflowing. He took his time on my breast, gently flicking my hard nipple through my bra. It felt like my body had gone up in flames. I picked my other leg up and curled it around him as well. I was probably coming off as thirsty, but at this point, I didn’t give a damn.

He grabbed my ass and lifted me from the counter then walked to the couch and sat with me. Feeling all his inches pressed against my center had me leaking like a faucet. I was willing to ride him to heaven right here. As I began rolling my hips against him, he popped the shit out of my ass. I hissed in excitement. “Listen, Giánni. I want every inch of you, and I’m beyond ready to tear you a part in the most pleasing way, but no. We not taking it here yet. I want you so fucking bad, but we have to wait. I promise, it will be more than worth it.”

I poked out my lip as he slid me to the couch next to him. He slid his hand down his face and huffed. “You so fucking sexy,” he mumbled. “Stop pouting.”

I frowned at him. I understood him perfectly, but I wanted to be difficult. It was my fault for why he wanted to slow down. My actions evoked this behavior in him because last week he was on some full steam ahead type shit. Ugh! Sucking up my feelings, I said, “I understand. How do you feel about Chinese food?”

“Love it. Let’s get it.” He stood then assisted me from the couch. As he led me to the door, he added, “I promise, when I get to that pussy, I’m taking all nine lives at once.”

Just those words had killed it, so I could only imagine the devastation his dick would bring.

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Whew this Ford seem like he bought to be all a girl needs. Umm, mmm MMMM! 😜


Yassss!!!!! Get it!!!!

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